Reading List 10.21.2013


Sell More

Your website’s design can generate leads for your business.

Keep customers coming back by improving how you communicate with them.

Smart Marketing

What small business marketing techniques are most effective?

Still think social media marketing doesn’t have any real ROI? You’re wrong.

M-commerce (mobile) is skyrocketing. That’s why you need these mobile marketing tips.

Get Inspired

Anita Campbell is one of today’s most well-respected small business experts. Here’s the scoop about how she built Small Business Trends into one of the most influential small business websites.

Meet 5 real-life small business heroes who are significantly impacting their communities.

Best Practices

No one but Denny’s wants to be open for business 24/7. Here’s how to set business hours while still serving your customers.

Is your telecommuting policy sparking jealousy among employees who can’t work at home? Here’s what to do about it.

My friend Brian Moran shares his 3-part formula for “surefire business success.” He’s a 70/20/10, what are you?

Entrepreneurial Women

Worrying is bad for business-and bad for you. It’s time to transform from a worrier into a business warrior.

Do you need glasses? My niece (at More magazine) shows you how to save money and still be stylish.

Why are corporate boards so male-and so white?