Reading List 10.3.14

Best Practices

  • There are a lot of businesses you can start with these fun & unusual products I found on Alibaba. (And there’s a lot more there.)
  • Free shipping is your “secret weapon” this holiday season.
  • How to build office camaraderie
  • Time to finally get your office organized.


  • Learning from every boss she ever had was one of the keys to success for this jewelry designer.
  • What’s the next billion-dollar idea?

Marketing Smart

  • Yelp & small business: Is it love or hate?
  • 3 ways to track your social media ROI
  • How to reach empty-nesters (they have money to spend) with online marketing
  • When should you bring in the experts for online marketing help
  • 15 tips for marketing your next event

People Power

  • How much should you pay your employees?
  • Is hidden gender discrimination hurting your business?


  • 5 ways to get more done in less time.
  • Quick tips to get your office organized
  • How to avoid technology distractions

Sell More

  • Plan your holiday strategy now
  • Are you offering customers too many choices?

Start Smart

  • 9 steps to starting your own ecommerce website


  • Potatoes. Yes, there’s a HUGE opportunity to make money with potatoes.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Do women invest differently than men?