Reading List 11.7.14

Best Practices

  • Is your website scaring your customers away?
  • Or are you scaring customers?
  • Looking for a “bright spot” to set up your small business? Think Seattle.
  • The scoop on the browsing behavior of online shoppers.
  • Give thanks to your customers.

Happy Holidays!

  • 9 holiday marketing tips to make your retail store stand out
  • Customer service trends for the holiday.
  • 8 holiday shopping trends retailers MUST know.


  • How his love of hockey inspired this entrepreneur to succeed.

Marketing Smart

  • The power of getting personal.

Money Matters

  • What is a “factor rate”?

Sell More

  • 7 reasons your sales presentations failed.


  • Campus locations are bonanza for many restaurants.
  • Pets mean big profits for small business owners.
  • New meaning for the term business in a box.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Is playing sports the key to success?