Reading List 3.14.14

Reading List 3.14.14

Best Practices

  • Why companies are NOT startups.
  • Outsource your biggest business headaches.
  • It’s time to tune up your tech.
  • Should you gift shares of stock?
  • How to really start a business.


  • Eat and sleep your way to success.
  • Is reading Curious George one of the secrets to this successful entrepreneur’s success?

Marketing Smart

  • 8 great iPad presentation apps.
  • Marketing to impulse buyers.
  • How to create exclusive content for your customers.
  • When to use PPC ads.


  • Can meditation increase your productivity?

Sell More

  • Boost your retail sales this spring.
  • Is your business senior-friendly?
  • 7 ways to get your ecommerce customers to become loyal customers.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • New source of capital for women business owners.
  • Are women-owned businesses short-lived?