Reading List 3.28.14

Reading List 3.28.14

Best Practices

  • Is your life fueled by Diet Coke? Mine is.
  • Spring clean your small business.
  • Protect your company’s data.


  • Richard Branson says “follow your passion.” Kevin Drum says that’s pedestrian advice. (I agree.)
  • Gene Marks still dreams of playing MLB. Instead he’s hitting homeruns as an entrepreneur and NY Times columnist.

Marketing Smart

  • 8 ways you should be using mobile technology.
  • Secrets of better content marketing.
  • Marketing to mobile moms.
  • Using online video to market your B2B business.

Power to “Your” People?

  • The 5 habits you have that drive your employees crazy.
  • Managing your independent contractor relationships.
  • Getting the most from your temps.
  • 3 low-cost benefits your employees will love.


  • On the go? Try these essential apps. And 5 more.
  • 12 surprising productivity tips.
  • Best reading apps.

Sell More

  • How to get people to pay attention to your emails.
  • Consumers want deals. Are you ready to offer them?

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Do women business owners still need set-asides?