Reading List 3.7.14

Best Practices

  • Are Millennials better entrepreneurs than Gen X or Baby Boomers?
  • Saving your online reputation.
  • Should you set up a trust?
  • Can you measure innovation?
  • What successful entrepreneurs wish they’d known sooner.
  • Is your business truly green?


  • Becoming a mom inspired Allison O’Kelley to launch a mega-successful franchise.
  • The growth of African-American owned businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs find opportunity in Africa.

Marketing Smart

  • How to get better results from your emails.
  • 6 types of shoppers and how to reach them.
  • Do you really need a blog?
  • Business cards still matter.
  • “Getting” consumers to buy from you.
  • Marketing to women? Social spurs the sale
  • Creative marketing to Millennial moms.
  • Using LinkedIn to get more business.

Power to “Your” People?

  • 5 ways to create a more harmonious workplace.
  • Creating a high-performance company culture.


  • Are you a piler or a filer?

Sell More

  • The power of referrals to spur sales.


  • Mini-moons and 3 other HOT trends.
  • Workplace trends for 2014.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Join the Million Women Mentors Initiative.
  • Women entrepreneurs making history today.
  • How to fail successfully.
  • Are women entrepreneurs happier than their male counterparts?