Reading List 4.11.14

Reading List 4.11.14

Best Practices

  • Time to hire? Or should you invest in new technology instead?
  • Do you have cracks in your business?
  • 7 tips for creating an almost paperless office.


  • David & Goliath tale for the 21st century: taking on the payroll giants.
  • An empty nest leads to a thriving business.
  • How to be the next Facebook.

Marketing Smart

  • Even the wealthy are worried about money. What does that mean to your marketing?
  • There are 7 types of social media fans (who knew?). Here’s how to get the most out of them.
  • The importance of visual storytelling.
  • Branding lessons from one of my fave Disney songs, “It’s a small world after all.” (That’s “my doll” I created above. Create your own doll for FREE and benefit UNICEF.)
  • 5 ways to build brand loyalty.
  • How social media affects the spending habits of Millennials.
  • Turning online reviews into customer magnets.

Power to “Your” People?

  • Build your employees’ skills.
  • What’s your take on raising the minimum wage?


  • Can exercise actually make you (or your team) more productive?

Start Smart

  • How to cut your startup costs.
  • Start your business the right way.
  • 7 steps to starting a small business.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Despite the challenges, women entrepreneurs are feeling upbeat.
  • Finding women’s events to attend.
  • Women and entrepreneurship.