Reading List 4.18.14

Reading List 4.18.14

Best Practices

  • Getting the attention of reporters and bloggers.
  • How to prepare for an interview with the press.
  • Biggest tax mistakes small biz owners make.
  • Getting unstuck.
  • Are you spending too much money? Or not enough?
  • Creating the ideal in-store experience for your customers.
  • Connecting with online influencers.
  • Fighting your fear of failure.


  • Be a “techno geek” & other great advice from Steve Strauss.

Marketing Smart

  • Integrating influence marketing into your overall marketing strategy.
  • Are you taking online reviews seriously?
  • The truth about negative online reviews.
  • 5 tips for giving killer presentations.
  • Is your social media marketing mobile friendly?
  • The pros and cons of automating your social media.
  • Secrets of writing effective email subject lines.

Power to “Your” People?

  • Save money. Improve employee morale. Insource.
  • What to think about BEFORE you hire temps.


  • When’s the right time to upgrade your technology?

Start Smart

  • What’s the best structure for your small business?

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Support women-owned businesses. A helpful directory.
  • What this entrepreneurial woman learned from being on Shark Tank.