Reading List 4.4.14

Reading List 4.4.14

Best Practices

  • Improve your speaking skills.
  • 7 ways to bring customers into your store.
  • 9 steps to creating compelling online videos.
  • Are you making these common tax mistakes?
  • And what you MUST know for tax season.


  • Find your joy.
  • After feeling stuck in her corporate career as an attorney, this entrepreneur created her own path to success.

Marketing Smart

  • Selling to Millennials? Social media may be your best friend.
  • How to get a better ROI from Twitter.
  • How to work with freelance designers.
  • How big data can help your marketing efforts.
  • Is your social media marketing mobile friendly?
  • The power of selfies.
  • What kind of content are marketers sharing?
  • And why is content marketing so hot?
  • Are you unknowingly violating the CAN-SPAM Act?

Power to “Your” People?

  • Workplace gossip. What crosses the line?
  • Writing job descriptions that attract the best potential employees.
  • 10 signs your employees are ready to quit.
  • Are you driving your employees crazy?
  • Finding great interns.


  • Hottest (and I mean HOT) food trends from Fancy Foods show.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • What’s holding women CEOs back?
  • Best cities for women entrepreneurs.