Reading List 5.16.14

Reading List 5.16.14

Best Practices

  • How creative disruption helps you innovate.
  • We need more Americans to support small businesses.
  • What are small businesses spending money on?
  • Social media is not JUST for marketing.
  • Keeping your family business all in the family.
  • When do you need to ask for help?


  • When your back is against the wall, show ‘em what you got.

Marketing Smart

  • Why content marketing matters
  • Yes, cat videos have a better chance of going viral. Here’s why.
  • Get more out of your email marketing.
  • Tools for better presentations.
  • Most effective colors to use in your business presentations.
  • Does Google+ matter to your small business?

 Money Matters

  • How to map your financial future.

Power to “Your” People?

  • How do your employees really feel about the 24/7 workplace?
  • Getting your new employees up to speed.


  • 12 cool travel apps.
  • How to delegate in 3 easy steps.

Sell More

  • Improve your customer focus.

Tech Talk

  • 5 ways mobile tech is transforming the workplace.
  • Gen Mobile is transforming our workplaces.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • How much should you pay yourself?