Reading List 6.27.14

Reading List 6.27.14

Best Practices

  • Blogging best practices.
  • What’s your customer focus?



  • Are you making your BEST case?


Marketing Smart

  • Will hosting webinars boost your business?
  • What do you mean you don’t have time for social media?
  • What you should know about Pinterest & local search.
  • 10 best practices for LinkedIn.
  • Capturing leads via Facebook.
  • Do you need to change your brand’s perception?


 Money Matters

  • What every balance sheet should have.
  • Collecting money from your late-paying customers.


People Power

  • Should you offer counteroffers to keep employees?



  • Can sole proprietors really take a vacation?
  • Stop wasting time in meetings.


Starting Smart

  • Should you start a business after 55?



  • Chocolate is good for you & your small business.


Women Entrepreneurs

  • Be careful before you enter into partnerships with men.