Reading List 6.6.14

Reading List 6.6.14

Best Practices

  • Is entrepreneurship dead or thriving?
  • Chill out! How to take a summer vacation from your small business
  • Lighten your load by outsourcing.
  • Snap out of it! Are you stuck in a recession mind-set?
  • Turning empty space into your dream office.



  • Can desperation lead to success?
  • How this entrepreneur succeeds by learning a little every day.


Marketing Smart

  • Everything you need to know about PR.
  • What should you do about your expired email subscribers?
  • Are you successfully working the social media niches?
  • Using video to drive customer engagement
  • 5 ideas for writing great blog posts
  • Why direct mail still matters
  • What’s new in B2B marketing?
  • How to hold an online focus group
  • The New Rules of marketing by text.
  • Mobile marketing messages that work.


Power to “Your” People?

  • How to attract better job applicants
  • The most common hiring mistakes small businesses make
  • Are you hiring for the right traits?
  • 5 ways to reward your employees.


Sell More

  • 3 ways to generate leads with social media
  • Are you following up after the sale?
  • How smartphones are reshaping shopping.


Start Smart

  • Are you scared to start a business?