Reading List 7.11.14

Reading List 7.11.14

Best Practices

  • Ecommerce helps B2Bs thrive.
  • Improve your online presence.
  • 4 lessons small business owners can learn from the Minutemen.
  • Get a grip on your business expenses.


  • Serial entrepreneur offers best success secret ever.
  • Baby boomers & entrepreneurship.
  • 15 Pinterest board ideas to inspire you.

Marketing Smart

  • Should you advertise on cable TV?
  • Who’s watching Smart TV & why should you care?
  • What Facebook’s move to direct response means to your business.
  • The power of spontaneous engagement.

People Power

  • Help your employees declare their independence.
  • 10 ways to help your employees telecommute.
  • It’s not too late to hire students this summer.


  • 8 tools to help you be more innovative.

Sell More

  • Are you ready for mcommerce?
  • Lessons from some of the most successful customer loyalty programs.
  • 5 reasons to hire an outside sales rep.