Reading List 8.8.14

Reading List 8.8.14

Best Practices

  • The pitfalls of running a home-based business.
  • Get control of your email.
  • Lean start-up practices are not just for startups.
  • Why you MUST learn to delegate.
  • Is your non-profit summer ready?
  • How to launch a new product.
  • Grow your business using SWOT.
  • Grab your share of the growing back-to-school pie.
  • 10 mistakes to avoid when creating a customer satisfaction survey.
  • Should you join a small business association?
  • Do you want to franchise your business?



  • If you can do it better, this entrepreneur says, start your own business.
  • These 2 gutsy entrepreneurs just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.


Marketing Smart

  • Are you marketing to the women of The “Otherhood”? You should be.
  • What’s a Yummie & why you should be marketing to them?
  • How to make your content more engaging.
  • The power of referrals.
  • How to talk to the media like a pro.


Money Matters

  • When’s the BEST time to find funding?



  • Are bad emails wasting your time?


Sell More

  • Online & mobile are transforming back-to-school shopping.
  • Are your customers & employees fighting?
  • Is your retail sales team ready for the holiday sales season?
  • What’s missing from your ecommerce website?



  • “Pet parents” are spending big.
  • Profiting from the U.S. apparel market.
  • What’s hot for the 2014 holiday season?
  • Are you footloose?


Women Entrepreneurs

  • 8 great resources for women business owners.
  • Are women entrepreneurs raising money on Kickstarter?