Reading List 9.19.14

Reading List 9.19.14

Best Practices

  • Best accounting tools for your small business.
  • 6 steps to growing a full-time small business.
  • Save money & boost productivity by going mobile.
  • Are you a great leader?


  • From pioneer of sports talk radio to entrepreneur Ann Liguori says the key to success is “trust and doing excellent work.”
  • Leaving ESPN to become an entrepreneur was a smart move for this fitness franchisee.

Marketing Smart

  • Marketing to Gen X, the forgotten generation. Gen X has the money to spend.
  • But Baby Boomers are still spending as well.
  • The power of predictive marketing
  • Integrating your online and offline marketing efforts to drive web traffic
  • How to reach the online influencers
  • What you MUST know about Facebook policies
  • Men & women shop differently online. How to market to both groups

People Power

  • It’s getting harder to hire Millennials.


  • 5 tips for solo entrepreneurs to stay at peak productivity

Sell More

  • Sell online? How to compete with brick-and-mortar stores
  • The importance of product delivery in making the sale
  • Does mobile help or hurt your retail store?
  • Get your ecommerce site ready for the holidays.
  • The best customer service solutions for your small business

Women Entrepreneurs

  • The best cities for women entrepreneurs
  • The TRUTH about grants for woman-owned businesses