Reading List 9.5.14

Reading List 9.5.14

Best Practices

  • What’s the future of social commerce?
  • What’s your personality defect?
  • Getting the omnichannel shopper into your store.


  • How a love of sweets and help from SCORE helped this young entrepreneur start her business.

Marketing Smart

  • Recharge your marketing for fall.
  • Start planning your holiday marketing strategy now.
  • 3 steps to reaching Millennials using Facebook.
  • Integrating print into your overall marketing campaign.
  • Adding images to your LinkedIn account increases engagement.
  • How teens use social media and what it means to your marketing.

Money Matters

  • How much should you pay yourself?
  • Best accounting tools for small business.

People Power

  • It’s getting harder to hire Millennials.


  • Creating an ergonomic workspace for you and your employees.
  • 7 ways to manage your energy for MAXIMUM productivity.

Sell More

  • Launching a new product, part 4: How to Sell Your Products
  • How online retailers can compete with brick-and-mortar stores.

Start Smart

  • 12 steps to startup success.
  • 12 businesses you can start in your college dorm room.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Directory of women-owned business.