Reading List 12.9.13

Reading List 12.9.13

Last Minute Holiday Advice

  • Are you the Grinch of holiday schedules?
  • If you own an e-commerce business, it’s the home stretch for holiday sales. Find out how offering free shipping can help you make the sale.
  • 6 last-minute ways to put your staff (and customers) in the holiday spirit.
  • Are you a road warrior dreading sharing planes with holiday travelers? Try these small business travel tips.

Plan Now for a Happy New Year

  • Are you really ready to grow in 2014?
  • 7 HR trends that could transform your business.
  • Content is king, and will be even more important in 2014. Do you have a content strategy?
  • Will Obamacare lead to a surge of startups?

Sell More

  • Can you make more green by going green?

Smart Marketing

  • Are you selling to the new American family? How demographics affect your marketing.
  • Mystified by Google+? Me too. Hopefully this will help.
  • Is your marketing working? You won’t really know if you don’t measure your marketing.

Get Inspired

  • Successful entrepreneur Tim Berry (founder of the Business Plan Pro, the best business planning software) shares his best advice, which ironically includes not to listen to too much advice.
  • When it comes to running a small business WWJJD (what would Judge Judy do)?

Best Practices

  • Are you running your business, or is it running you? Find out how to take control.
  • Obsessed with tech? How to cure your addiction.