reading your content

By Jennifer Scott

Content marketing is the marketing tool of the century, and it’s infiltrated every aspect of our lives, whether you’re reading articles on your phone on the way to work or reading blog posts at home.

However, this all refers to customer-based content, so what happens if you want to reap the benefits of content marketing as a B2B company?

Of course, it’s completely possible, but there are a few things you’re going to need before you get started. Here are ten essential tips to get you off on the right foot!

Build Up Your Team

Of course, it’s possible to great content by yourself but to create perfect content, you’re going to need a team of people behind you that specialise in all aspects of writing, editing and perfecting.

Create Stories

The best way to connect with your audience is by creating a story within your content. Within this story, you can identify a problem that your products or services solve as well as characters that your target market can relate to.

Research Your Market

It’s impossible to write effective content to someone if you don’t know what they’re looking for and what they want to read. Research your target market so you can see what language, format and style are most effective.

Aim Long-Term

Unless you create a single piece of viral content, you’re not going to revolutionize your conversion rates overnight. Content marketing is a long game, and you need to be patience and plan for the future, rather than trying to change your figures now.

Write for Scanners

Hand in hand with the consideration above, maybe of the people will skim read your content and will only hone in on the sections that they deem important to them.

“Take this article for example. You can easily skim read the headers and pull out and read into the bits that matter to you, saving your reader time while still conveying your message,” says Finn Smith, a PR Manager at Best Australian Writers.

Be Precise in Your Content

As you’re targeting a B2B market, the chances are that your customer is lounging around on their sofas in their pj’s reading your content. They’re much more likely to be sitting at their desk in their office and therefore do not have the time to waste when it comes to reading your content.

With this in mind, it’s important that you stick to the point in your content and don’t trail off onto a million other subjects.

Know Which Approach to Take

It’s important to remember that not all business communications have to be serious. You can also be light-hearted from time to time.

However, this decision will need to be based on the market research you conducted earlier, as well as reading what kind of tone of voice the subject matter your content is talking about needs.

Proofread & Edit Your Content

The chances are that you won’t create a perfect piece of content first time which is why it’s so important for you to check it over before you send it off.

This can be done either by yourself, a professional writer within your business or using a professional service like Easy Word Count, Top Canadian Writers, Essay Help or Best British Essays who can do it on your behalf.

Use Calls to Action

Just like B2C content, include calls to action within your content so your reader knows exactly what they should be doing next when they are reading and have finished reading your content.

Grab Attention with the Headline

The most important aspect to remember about each content piece, whether you’re sharing it in an email or on your social media profiles, the headline is has got to grab their attention. Be sure to spend a proper amount of time in writing your headlines for maximum impact.

Jennifer Scott is the business developer that works in different areas of education, technology, security and various types of online marketing. Prior to business developing Jennifer was consultant at Deloitte, and managed security services provider and developer of a wide range of security solutions.