By Karen Axelton

If you’ve read anything about the holiday shopping season, you already know that mobile shopping—whether actually buying products on a mobile device, or just using them to research and compare prices—is a huge trend this year. But even after the holiday wrapping is put away, mobile shopping—and mobile Internet use in general—will continue to be huge for businesses big and small.

Are you taking advantage of the trend? Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, good news: Help is at hand from Google, reports The New York Times. Last month the search giant sponsored a “Go Mobile” initiative where it “mobilized” the city of Mobile, Alabama, sending employees and experts to the Southern town to help some 400 small business owners create mobile-friendly websites.

Google is working to encourage all small businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly, with simpler design and easy-to-use features. Google says nearly one-third of mobile phones are smartphones, and that 89 percent of smartphone owners use them daily.

But you don’t have to be in Mobile, Alabama, to “go mobile.” At Google’s mobile microsite,, you can learn more about the reasons for going mobile; see what your site looks like on a mobile device; find resources to help; and even get connected with a mobile website developer. You can also keep up with all the news about mobile advertising at Google’s blog on the topic,