Veterans and military families deserve recognition and support. Both the government and private companies offer initiatives designed to assist veterans and enhance their well-being.

If you have been involved with the armed forces, there is help available. Whether you are looking for customized healthcare, training, a personal loan or assistance with finding a new job, the following resources will be useful.

Job Seeking and Career Support

As a veteran, you will have a unique skill set. The government understands this and is committed to helping veterans find appropriate training or jobs based on experience and interests. If you are ready to transition to a civilian career, the Veterans website is a good place to start.

This resource has extensive information that is relevant to your location, a job search, business advice and military spouse support. You may discover you are a suitable candidate for a new position or development program. Explore a range of opportunities, including agriculture, transportation, energy, Homeland Security and AmeriCorps.

Financial Support

Life can have unexpected financial expenses and challenges. If you need extra money fast, a personal loan could be the answer. With USAA’s simple online application process, you won’t have to wait long for your approved rate. Once the process is complete, your finance could be in your account in less than 24 hours. Whether it is for repairs and maintenance, home upgrades or to pay the bills on time, a personal loan could be a way to help you get ahead.

In addition, there are insurance providers who cater to military personnel. You could receive financial protection with competitive pricing and benefits when you choose a company that focuses on those who are deploying, serving or separating.

Health Benefits

VA Healthcare is a resource that you will want to take advantage of. Eligible veterans will gain coverage for doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, specialists and medical equipment. Military families may also qualify for these benefits. For your convenience, you can apply online, over the phone, via mail or in person.

For those who are having difficulties returning to civilian life, there is a range of mental health services available for veterans. Whether you are feeling angry, overwhelmed or suffering from a specific mental health condition, don’t be afraid to seek help. You will find understanding and support whenever you need it.

Discounted Products and Services

Did you know there are companies that offer free or discounted products and services for veterans? For those who like adventure, campgrounds, retreats, museums, expeditions and other activities will often have special deals for those who have served their country. Veterans with a disability can immerse themselves in nature by taking advantage of a free national park service lifetime pass.

Some restaurants will provide reduced meals for veterans, with unique military-only discounts. Whether you are shopping at a retail outlet, planning a holiday, investing in a new car or signing up for telecommunications, there are savings to be had for military personnel and veterans.

Don’t Forget…

To say thank you for your service, the government and private companies are here to show their support. Take advantage of the resources on offer to ensure your civilian life is a comfortable one.

Whether it is a personal loan, health care, career advice or discounted products and services, there is something for everyone.