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By Ravi Kumarr Gupta

The term Scrum refers to a framework that allows agile marketing teams to focus on the delivery of large amounts of work that enhance the entire marketing strategy. One question you could be asking yourself is the relevance of a Scrum Master in Agile Marketing. We cannot understand this concept unless we explore the meaning of Scrum and Agile Marketing.

One thing you will agree with me is that each piece of story or work contributes towards the overall goal of the organization. This attribute will, in turn, propel the success of marketing goals within the enterprise. Like any other framework, it is critical to have a team member who has a clear understanding of how to implement this framework. No wonder most organizations prefer to bring Scrum Masters who have the right certifications on board.

Scrum will bring the necessary structure to your agile marketing team. Agile is typically a philosophy that develops from the principles of the self-organization of the teams, functional output, collaboration, communication and flexibility in the business processes. On the contrary, Scrum is the framework or outline that will assist you to have your chores done and attain your goals.

In essence, Scrum provides a suitable structure that supports teams to reflect on their delivery and improve it with an emphasis on using real-world results to make decisions. The process has become easy courtesy of the modern marketing environment that is driven by data. The foundation of Scrum Marketing lies on the self-organization of teams. However, you cannot link or manage all the operations of the organization unless you pay attention to some key roles. Some of these functions include the owner of the product and the Scrum Master.

What is the Work of a Scrum Master?

The responsibility of the Scrum Master is to clear the team’s tracks and ensure that they have everything they require to have the job done. The Scrum Master has to lead the major sprint actions of work group the such as stand-ups, planning meetings, managing sprint reviews, and facilitating the whole Scrum process. He can determine the efficiency of these activities as he oversees them and suggests the required improvements.

One of the biggest challenges that all Scrum Masters face while implementing their role is accountability. The framework does not pay a lot of attention on who is busy and who is idle. It mainly focuses on the fulfillment of the team’s goals within the stipulated timelines. Therefore, the Scrum Master plays a critical role in Agile marketing.

The primary responsibility of an Agile Marketing Scrum master is to make sure that the team succeeds. However, the Agile Marketing Scrum manager is not the manager or boss of the team. His responsibility is to remove obstacles to make sure that the team accomplishes their tasks in the sprint. He has to schedule and run the stand ups on a daily basis.

He also has to maintain the marketing backlog, run and organize the sprint session, the sprint retrospective, and the sprint review. The Scrum Master also has the responsibility of enforcing Scrum discipline by ensuring that the ceremonies and processes of Scrum follow the set procedure. He should also make sure that the writings of the user stories are in the right format.

Do you Need a Scrum Master on Your Team?

You need a Scrum Master, especially when dealing with a team that is new to the concept of Scrum. The individual brings consistency on the team, makes sure that the team works within the framework and boundaries with the data scientists, content creators, designers and account owners to keep the sprint on track and make sure that the team does not face any blockers. Make sure that you get a certified Scrum Master who has a clear understanding of this framework.

Who is the Best Scrum Master?

The project manager or team leader can serve as a Scrum Master when dealing with small groups. However, the job description of these team leaders should also allow them to act as the Scum Master as well. The most important characteristic of a Scrum Master is that he should be an organized person and command the trust of the whole team. The individual should also have excellent communication skills and be detail oriented.

However, it’s advisable to have a permanent individual playing the role of a Scrum Master when dealing with multiple Scrum teams like that of an agency environment. Make sure you get an individual who has excellent leadership traits while filling this position. The professional should also possess problem-solving and analytical skills. Having the ability to assist the team to eliminate obstacles is also a plus for the Scrum Master. He should also be able to negotiate resources with stakeholders and account executives. The primary concern of any Scrum Master is to ensure that the team has everything it requires to excel in all its endeavors.

The content of this article will make you appreciate the role of a Scrum Master in Agile marketing. The professional can propel the success of marketing goals within the team. The framework assists teams to have a clear understanding of its responsibilities. The Scrum framework thrives on self-organization of teams, and it will help them to have things done. It brings the necessary structure to agile marketing.

However, not everyone can be a Scrum Master. It’s important to set up the role to a permanent employee while dealing with big teams. However, a project manager or team leader can also work as the Scrum Master in small groups as long as his current responsibility allows for the same. However, you must evaluate the personal traits of the candidate before placing him on the job.

You can use Scrum to convert large digital operations and big campaigns into smaller actions that will enable your marketing team to optimize their activities and evaluate success along the way.  Integrating the Scrum framework in Agile marketing improves the productivity of the team while cutting down on the cost. Any team that wants to succeed should appreciate the role of Scrum in Agile marketing.

Ravi Kumarr Gupta is a niche writer and activate blogger. He loves to write about hot and trending topics and currently writing on business and technology news.