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  • A Business Owner’s Guide to Quality Assurance October 1, 2021
    Imagine a world where manufacturers don’t test that things work properly. Where no tests are run, apps fail every second, and electronic products are sold with no guarantee that they’ll function properly. While this is far from a dystopian nightmare, it’s not ideal. If Quality Assurance didn’t exist, we wouldn’t dare to ride a roller-coaster […]
  • Can Insurance Help Attract and Retain Talent? October 1, 2021
    While we’ve thankfully seen small businesses continue to recover, they’re now faced with another challenge—hiring and retaining employees. Every day we hear stories from our small business customers that align with the data and headlines about the hiring crisis in the United States. As of September, the number of open jobs in the U.S. reached […]
  • Navigating the Risks and Potential Solutions in a Startup October 1, 2021
    History tells us that a unique business idea can take you a long way. Consider the introduction of K’nex or Spanx or even Uber, to name a few ideas and the millions that followed those innovators afterward. But with all the quick-thinking entrepreneurs out there, success typically boils down to how you manage your company, […]
  • How to Address the Top 5 Cybersecurity Challenges in Hybrid Work September 30, 2021
    Many experts agree that the workforce of the future will combine in-office and remote work. In fact, 77% of business leaders believe their company will use a hybrid model next year. Ensuring cybersecurity with remote work is no simple task, as the skyrocketing number of cyberattacks the past year demonstrates. And even though large enterprises dominate the headlines, […]
  • Entrepreneur: Grow Now, Not Later September 30, 2021
    This article wraps up my story of becoming an entrepreneur. Thanks for reading. As we discussed the tips and lessons I learned to help build a successful business, I am thrilled to leave you with this final piece. And there is no bigger, better tip than: Be ready for the hard work and celebrate all […]
  • Healing from Burnout: Exercises to Develop a Healthier Nervous System September 30, 2021
    In a world that values you for your productivity, it’s easy to get stuck in overdrive. How do you learn to slow down when everything seems to be speeding up at a rapid rate? As an entrepreneur who’s experienced burn-out and an addiction to over-achievement rooted in childhood trauma, I’ve committed myself to learning about […]
  • 5 Easy Tips for Outsourcing Mobile Apps Development in 2021 September 30, 2021
    The total number of mobile apps available in the world is 8.93 million. Isn’t that a colossal figure? It appears that the mobile development market is growing. Consider the trends for apps offered in the App Store from 2008 to 2020. Nowadays, an idea spreads quickly and becomes a mobile app in the app shop […]
  • Salesforce Functional Testing Tips & Tricks September 29, 2021
    Salesforce is the largest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in the world. Over the years, it has evolved into a beast that can do everything your Sales & Marketing teams need it to do (and more!). Its size means it’s a great addition to your company but also makes it tricky to test.  In this […]
  • How Can an Omnichannel Contact Center Alter the Playing Field? September 29, 2021
    In the newly digitized world a lot of focus is placed onto digital means of communication and contact, with many consumers going through their customer journey entirely online without any form of face-to-face interaction with any member of your organization. This is really quite convenient as it lets you spread your net wide without a […]
  • How to Re-Engage with Customers for a Warm Welcome September 29, 2021
    Consumer spending is continuing to increase and businesses are welcoming back customers with open arms. With that, businesses  are now faced with the perennial question of how to effectively and strategically re-engage with customers. With business formation at all-time highs and the world of commerce changing irreversibly as a result of the last 18 months, […]