By Rachel Greenberg,

If you’ve been hesitant about using VoIP for your small business, perhaps you need some convincing of its budget-saving possibilities. Today’s guest blogger Rachel Greenberg from has these reasons to switch for business owners looking to save:

1.) VoIP Monthly Service is Incredibly Cheap. Business VoIP service is extremely cheap, around $20/month for an extension on average. VoIP is an extremely cheap service to provide. Because VoIP uses the Internet to transmit phone calls, VoIP circumvents many of the costs associated with traditional telephone service providers.

This means that a phone service for an office of ten could cost around $200 every month, a huge improvement over the rates charged by many traditional service providers.

2.) Scalable Service. With VoIP providers, it’s easy to get an office phone system with the exact right number of extensions. Adding a new extension is practically as easy as plugging in the new phone.

And many VoIP providers offer multiple types of extensions so different employees can get appropriate extensions: Unlimited (with a flat fee for unlimited calling in the US), Metered (a low flat rate and then a per-minute fee for calling), and Virtual (office extensions for business cell phones).

3.) Low Rates on International Calling. For businesses that do any international business, VoIP service can make all of the difference in the monthly phone bill. International calling with VoIP providers is very cheap, often as low as $0.01/minute to popular locations like China and Mexico. Compare these rates to the rates of traditional service providers, which may charge as much as $3.50/minute for some international calling.

And many providers may include a free hour of international calling every month, or free unlimited calling to certain popular destinations like Canada and Mexico.

4.) Fewer Taxes than Traditional. Because VoIP doesn’t use traditional phone lines, the national government has decided not to tax VoIP in the same way it taxes traditional service. This means that while there may still be some local or state taxes associated with VoIP service, taxes are almost always much lower with VoIP service, which means even greater savings on the monthly phone bill.

Rachel Greenberg is the Site Editor for @VoIP_Review