This post is adapted from an article by Catherine Brock that originally appeared on Hitched.


Are moms one of your prime target markets? If so, you know how very busy they are. Often, just finding the time to go into a store is impossible, so moms are great prospects for online shopping.

A mom’s life is hectic and unorganized and, sometimes, even a bit out of control. So, when they’re shopping for clothes or accessories they’re often stuck in a style rut, or trying to find online stores that carry merchandise that will help them break of that rut.

The parenting-induced style rut can only be tackled one way: by making the daily fashion and style routine ultra-efficient. If you want moms to buy from you, you should stock specific types of merchandise. A lot of the items you’ll need can be found on For quick sourcing, check out the new sourcing tool, Source Now.


Staying wrinkle-free. Moms need garments made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Blends with at least 65% polyester are be pretty low maintenance. The higher the polyester count, the less ironing for them. A blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, for example, won’t ever need to see an ironing board. Denim, thicker-knit sweaters and some types of rayon are also wrinkle-resistant

The right mix. Moms don’t need a lot of clothes to be stylish. (They’re also buying for their kids, so they’re value-conscious.) The trick is to have the right mix of garments. It helps them if you make suggestions on your site, showing them what goes with what.

Carry pants, capris, shorts and skirts that are classically-styled and come in solid-colors in neutral or soft tones.

Classic look. For those days moms are feeling particularly frazzled, having a go-to, classic outfit can be a lifesaver. This might be pants (or a skirt), a blazer, button-down top and a necklace. Make sure you carry this type of merchandise, in a few color choices.


Shoes, bags and jewelry. They’ll also need a few colorful and seasonal statement pieces. Things like a wicker woven handbag, a natural stone pendant necklace or soft blue, peep-toe booties, for example.

Many moms can afford to buy accessories a few times a year, so make sure you refresh your collections seasonally.

Socks. While every mom needs socks and tights that go with everything, many will also supplement the basics with socks that come in fun patterns and colors.

Hair accessories. Make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest hair trends. Are hairbands out? Scrunchies are actually making a comeback. Lots of moms opt for a quick ponytail, and would appreciate more stylish ways to make one. Sell pretty clips, elastic bands and barrettes.

Some women are into hats; others not so much. If you’re not sure, poll your customers to see if they’d be interested in buying hats, and what styles they’d prefer.

The organized closet

Ideally, women want to have an organized closet at all times. If they don’t, they’ve likely made it a goal to do so. Selling closet accessories, in addition to clothing and accessories lines, can help increase the size of your average order.

Offer storage options, like baskets, bins, hangers, shoe bags, jewelry holders and other organizational items. Create content that tells busy moms how they can quickly organize their closets and drawers. Use pictures on your site (and social media posts) so moms can see at a glance what their closets could look like.

This post was adapted, with permission, from “5 Style Hacks for the Busy Mom” originally published on Hitched.

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