By David Meyer

Every business wants to succeed in terms of relevant traffic and ROI but fewer know its core essence. The web arena in which we are living demands for a rich online presence that is certainly connected with the quality of website you are running. A poor website will not be visible among the top positions of SERPs. It is the key concept followed by search engine optimization.

Technically, a SEO-friendly website has sureshot chances of appearing on the first page of the search results and thus to bring continuous traffic. SEO is a smart technique to improve the ranking of a website by implementing smart and efficient tactics. It simply gives quality and quantity of traffic plus organic results.

Although a basic WordPress website has inbuilt plugins meant for SEO, but there is always a scope to take care of few common things that can make a difference. It is the easiest way to get traffic from the free or organic search results.

Credible Ways That Can Boost Traffic of a Website

If used properly, below techniques can maximize the probability of your website to be ranked in Google-

Utilize Social Media

Social media sharing is an effective way to drive traffic to a WordPress based website or blog. Your followers are updated about your latest posts and you can publish it to different social networks by using assortment of auto-sharing tools.

These tools come packed with the inbuilt features of automatic updates. It is a smart move to add a social sharing button at the bottom of each post so that the readers can easily spread your content.

Few social sharing plugins are Flare and Shareaholic.

Post on Frequent Basis

Fresh content is the love for all. In the online world, it is an important reason for the visitors to come back. You should update your website regularly with a fresh and informative content by adding visual aids such as photos, videos and infographics related to the article.

Whitespaces are also an important element to give instant access to the users for the information they are looking for. So, it is necessary to make easy to read posts containing short paragraphs and lists.

Make the Use of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs can be considered as the links that are found on the top of site page to display your current location and enable you to track the previous pages you have navigated.

Breadcrumbs can be quite effective for the search engines and users to get a rich user experience if they are implemented properly into your blog. They are also an effective medium to lower the bounce rate and improve the user experience of a website.

Employ Keywords Effectively

Putting relevant keywords within your content is a beneficial approach to rank them higher in SERPs. It includes some wise tips like adding keywords in the post title and within the post but avoid the keyword stuffing.

An important aspect in the context of keyword type is to use them accurately and in the form of phrases. You have to think like readers and mold your content in a manner so that it will flow naturally with the content. Fortunately, you are telling the search engines what your content is about.

Apply Alt Text to the Images

When looking technically, search engines look for ‘Alt text’ to know what is displayed in the photo. It is basically a concise written description of few words demonstrating each image on a website. Make sure to accurately describe the image when writing alt text for it.

It is also a good habit to use some of the keywords pertaining to your niche and name of your business.

Go Through Google Analytics

You will be benefited at par by putting some concern over Google analytics results along with the other factors. This tool offers useful information like origin of your visitors, details about returning visitors and the list of the websites giving you the richest quality of traffic.

For few, Facebook and Twitter are the effective ways as per the type of website. Moreover, employing the Google Analytics will make you understand the most crucial areas of marketing campaign that needs improvement.

Indulge in FAQs

The Q&A sites can be a drilling factor for driving massive traffic to a WordPress website. When you use the websites like Quora, and Yahoo Answers, you will get a rich response ensuring that you are posting only the quality and relevant questions. Else, there are chances that your question or answer will collapse and will not be published.

The sole motto of getting involved in this questionnaire is to provide fruitful information to the genuine readers and does not serve spam.

In a Nutshell

If you are a passionate website owner who never wants to compromise with the sustainable growth of WordPress website, this post can be of great help in terms of giving intelligent ideas about the SEO. It is a gateway to your business success by boosting your ranking results, traffic, sales, conversions and ROI.

David Meyer is a skilled web developer at CSSChopper, a reputed PSD to WordPress development company. He has a rigorous passion for writing posts explaining the smart SEO tips that can uplift the overall ranking of a website in search engines. @CSSCHOPPER.