Brilliant ideas and nowhere to go!? It’s time you use TikTok for business purposes also.

By Sid Andrew

The business ideas that you have been holding in your head from everyone till now–only in need of original space and a forum for visibility–can now be seen and posted on a platform that is available on TikTok.

The platform on the android is a ‘Fifteen seconds–claim to fame’ and is completely yours from start.

The android app can easily be downloaded on your mobile phones. This android app, TikTok, has as much as fifty million followers and more joining by the minute.

These followers can join you on your ideas, projects, assignments, promotions, business purposes or anything you wish to carry forward to people with a mere click of a share button on the ‘like, share, comment’ space.

All ‘likes and share’ together boosts more business, participations, collaborations, alliances, partnerships and awareness of your brand and the brands that jump the bandwagon for support — reach — visibility for business promotions and purposes.

How Does It Work?

The video clips shared on it have a life span as short as fifteen seconds. But it still creates history with the like, follow, share a page that increases the visibility multifold.

These short video clips are and can be used as ‘Promos’ for the promotional benefit for something big that you plan to create.

It is mostly used for promoting either yourself or a business that you propose to launch that has been in your head for long, waiting to branch out as an idea.

The number of followers on your TikTok android actually sends the business clock ticking. Each lead can rope in business from several brands that are constantly watching your numbers that are growing with each tik-tok of the minute!

Andy, retired from school this year as a senior Mathematics professor from Sydney Grammar School. Life seemed suddenly purposeless with mornings being lonely as there was no school to go to.

Andy found refuge in TikTok. Her teenage niece acquainted her with the android app and downloaded it on her mobile. And life has never been the same for her since then.

The Tik Tok’s personalised video feeds has left her life changed. Andy initially used the app for watching her favourite movie clips, songs, and videos that she had lost count of, tied down to her earlier work.

Life in school had been too busy. And Andy was busy with her daily routine at school. But TikTok changed her life for the better.

The ‘just be what you are’ motto that TikTok follows in its storytelling format on video clips which are as short as 15 seconds at times has made Andy’s life more fun.

She loves to watch all the entertainment, fun activities that are already there on TikTok.

And all this entertainment comes from an inspired group which is a global community of new, first time creators. These creative people showcase their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge and in doing so inspire others.

Watching them Andy has hit upon a brilliant plan and plans to go beyond to explore.

Recalling her ‘Quirky Mathematics Moments’ with students, Andy has made small snippets of the most fun moments in her Mathematic lessons. The fifteen seconds and even-less moments of her lectures and clips adapt to the student’s taste, requirement, and leads. It offers the most relevant, interesting, fun-loving, quirky, mind teasing videos that you’ll never want to stop watching for lessons in mathematics.

Hashtags Now On Online Assignment 

And just like Andy’s, Online Assignment Expert has assignments available online that cater to all that you need to complete your pending tasks. They are relevant, fun assignments made easy, there are also specific subject assignments compiled by experts online that have academic prowess matching that of Andy and better.

The adoption of smartphones redefines the learning pattern of the digital world. It now provides an education ecosystem that gives teachers and learners many more opportunities other than just learning and teaching in/from schools and colleges.

We now have tutoring and tuitions, homework and online assignment help experts. A huge platform at large that can allow students and teachers to thrive in their respective careers with just a download of TikTok.

This short video platform has already branched using several hashtags ‘#’. In an effort to encourage subject-focused content creation and learning as part of its ongoing knowledge-based campaign they also have one ‘#’ related to education. This makes it easy to rediscover your own potential talents in making videos, small leads and much more by capturing funny and memorable moments to share with the world.

The aim is to give over thousands of TikTok users an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals by partnering with industry leaders of online business management assignment help experts to create educational content that is niche.

Life’s on the coaster, moving fast, make every second count and show the world what you got with brilliant Business Purposes met at TikTok!

Sid Andrew is a professional business consultant and works as a part-time academic writer at Online Assignment Expert. He’s heavily involved in the expansion and promotion of businesses to a wider community using the latest trends in social media. 

TikTok stock photo by BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock