Shopify has become a popular tool for small and medium sized businesses creating e-commerce websites. As businesses grow, they may find that they would benefit from the added features of Shopify plus. 

What Does Shopify Plus Have that Shopify doesn’t?

Since so many people are using Shopify, one of the most commonly asked questions is “What does Shopify Plus have that Shopify doesn’t? There are many features that Shopify Plus has that are not included in the basic model of Shopify. These include: 

Shopify Plus Offers Dedicated, Personalized Support

Sometimes, when dealing with a high volume of sales, having the time to go searching through forums and wait for an expert to respond to your issue just isn’t realistic. A huge advantage Shopify Plus has over Shopify is the dedicated, personalized support that is available and responsive when you need help the most. 

There is No Limit on the Number of Shopify Plus Staff Accounts  

Shopify limits you to a designated number of staff accounts, based on your plan tier. Shopify Plus eliminates this issue, which allows you to delegate the administrative tasks to whomever you choose. For companies that are experiencing rapid growth, this helps them meet new demands and stay on schedule. 

The Overview Dashboard on Shopify Plus Allows You to Quickly Track Analytics 

Analytics are a driving force behind any marketing strategy, and business owners and managers use them to better understand how the company is performing. Shopify is known for its ability to track analytics and present them in an easy to understand format, but Shopify Plus takes this to the next level with the Overview Dashboard. The Overview Dashboard is an easy way to quickly view and understand your metrics across several Shopify stores. You can see important data displayed all in one place, such as overall sales, visitor sessions, order values and more. For owners and management teams, this increases efficiency and allows them to make changes and adjust directives on the fly. 

Shopify Plus Allows You to Completely Customize Your E-commerce Storefront

While you can change basic aspects of your Shopify storefront, Shopify Plus expands on customizable features so that brands are better able to create a unique UX strategy with a professional aesthetic that reflects who they are and what they represent as a company. 

This level of creative control gives you the opportunity to build an experience created specifically for your target audience. You can even design a customized checkout process, so the user’s entire experience on your platform can be carefully thought out. 

Upgrading to Shopify Plus Gets You API Integrations and Exclusive Apps 

Shopify Plus affords you the opportunity to access groups and resources that are not available with a typical Shopify option. Shopify Plus has an exclusive directory of partners who share their knowledge on headless commerce and traditional ecommerce, so that you are always ahead of the curve.  

Shopify Plus Has a Wholesale Channel

Shopify Plus is particularly adept at creating wholesale channels. When you have a wholesale channel, Shopify Plus allows you to host exclusive wholesale products marketed to B2B audiences. You are able to build a separate storefront for wholesale and retail operations, even letting you create unique passwords for each account. 

How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost? 

Of course after reading about Shopify Plus, most people are going to want to know how much it costs. Shopify Plus has exclusive features that don’t come cheap; it is designed for large businesses and corporations, a group of brands that Shopify was unable to successfully market their normal model to. 

Shopify Plus plans start at $2,000 a month (or 0.25% of your sales volume per month capped at $40,000, whichever is greater). 

While companies and corporations wouldn’t blink an eye at numbers like that, small family owned businesses often find the price tag shocking. If you have a small business, you may not generate enough revenue to make it worth the extra cost. 

What Does a Shopify Plus Development Company Do? 

A Shopify Plus development company creates elegant, effective solutions for your business by doing everything from designing and building your Shopify Plus storefront, to handling the migration of your data, and even connecting your third party apps. 

Why You Need a Shopify Plus Development Company

If you are already considering an upgrade to Shopify Plus, a Shopify Plus development company is a natural progression. While the immense amount of features make Shopify Plus exciting, implementing them can be time consuming and tedious. By utilizing a Shopify Plus development company, you are able to focus on the parts of your business that require your attention, without sacrificing quality. 

Sean Richards is the VP of Strategy & Partnerships for Vincit. Prior to Vincit, Richards provided business development, digital marketing strategy and partnership development at several reputable companies and marketing agencies in both California and Arizona. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Management from Arizona State University.

Shopify stock image by Funstock/Shutterstock