Six tips with one aim: to drive more traffic to your trade show booth. After all, you may have spent a considerable amount of your annual marketing budget on the one trade show that you know you should be at.

There are many ideas and examples of what to, the subject of a great blog post from Colour Graphics, ‘Trade Show Strategy Tips.’ And here are some more that will help you stand out.

Tip 1 – Generate excitement

The factor you must bear in mind about tradeshows is this: they are busy places, full of competing businesses, products and services. What this can do is lull you in to thinking that the only way of getting ahead of the pack and being noticed is to be bigger, brasher and louder.

However, everyone is doing this thus, you just end up shouting in an empty room to a certain extent. You need to generate excitement about your presence and your booth – and what better way that to pound social media with exciting tweets, posts, pins and so on.

You should provide an online build up to the event, as well as some live interaction and engagement throughout the show and some well-chosen after-posts and tweets too.

Tip 2 – Offer things

There are two things that are always welcomed by delegates at a trade show – food and refreshments. Crowded hot halls, stalls competing for attention, sense being assaulted by all kinds of sights, sounds and smells as well as all the talking and networking… and then they happen upon your stall and there is a free drink, or a morsel to consume.

The thing about doing this is that it is simple and draws in big crowds. And when other people surge in your direction, other people become naturally curious… and then they want to know what is happening, and come over. You see the pattern?

Tip 3 – Snappy, interesting presentation

People like to know in a nutshell, without beating around the proverbial bush what is it that you do, cannot do, are likely to do, what your product does, why they need it and so on.

You can stand and do a presentation, but why not create a brilliant instructional video, or a presentation on a loop and have that playing at intervals? People can dip in an out and, if they loiter for the length of the presentation it shows an interest.

Visuals, including sounds are a great way of snagging people’s attention.

Tip 4 – Floor mats or signs

These can be a fun way to direct people to your booth. From, ‘follow the footsteps’, to take the yellow brick road, there are all kinds of mats and signs that can be used.

Light hearted, many people will come and take a look and when they do, you need to be ready with your greet and meet pitch.

However, just a note of safety – clearly anything lose, with curled edges and so on presents a tripping hazard. It is worth keeping an eye on mats to make sure they are still safe for use as the last thing you need is a personal injury claims coming your way for a broken ankle.

Tip 5 – Provide a seat or two

Again, food and refreshments are two important aspects but can be subtle, and yet effective is the provision of seating in or around your booth. If people look a little weary, ask them to sit and take five.

Now, it may be that the people who sit do not match your customer demographic. But people rarely go to exhibitions and trade shows alone. And so, you are drawing a crowd again. Making your booth look vibrant, exciting and populated is the name of the game in bringing people over to you.

Tip 6 – Colour, vision, sound, strategy

Your booth does need to appeal, with plenty of things going on but it also needs to be inviting, but in keeping with the personality of your product and so on.

However, last minute efforts can be spotted a mile off and thus, all this is no good and effectively wasted if you don’t have a strategy for the day.

Bringing people to your booth is touch in a crowded place BUT, when they are at your booth you need to be ready to talk and network, connect and engage, as well as share information and so on. If you don’t chat, even if it is about the weather, people simply drift off.

Trade shows are fun, vibrant places and you can attract a large audience – how do you bring people to your stand?

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