by Daniel Lieser, Co-founder of

Don’t let yourself get pushed around by salesy loan sites. There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of finance sites that seem to promise you the best loan ever, then at the last minute pull the ole’ switcheroo. You know what I mean. “Oh hey, sorry looks like we couldn’t get you the kind of loan we wanted to give you, but hey, you might qualify for this other thing over here”. It’s usually just a coincidence that the other thing they wanna sell you is about a million times more profitable (ie, overpriced).

I know that learning all the little details and fine print of finance documents is not always the way you want to spend your free time. But honestly, just knowing the names of these kinds of loans or financing can be enough to save you from 1 or 2 unnecessary applications. Knowing the type of loan you need will also bring you higher quality search results in Google. Use the flow chart below and see what types of loans you should look into and which sites might be the best places to start.