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A brand new Christmas Carnival is happening in your area. All the local businesses are coming in with their goodies, gifts and lightning-fast deals. You know you have to stand out to sell more than others. But you can’t think of anything to get in such a short time. You think: what can be so unique yet so easy and quick to manufacture? Your PR officials sit brainstorming, and your marketing team has an existential crisis. Meanwhile, a bulb lights up in your head: wide roller banners!

With unique designs and quick production, roller banners are a favourite of traditional advertisers. They subtly convey your company’s logo, message and tagline to prospective customers and strengthen your brand image. They provide the best quality roller banners at affordable rates. Speaking of quality and rates, there are things you should check before buying wide roller banners for promotional purposes.

Six checkpoints you should cross before getting a roller banner printed

  1. Quality

The roll up banner you make for your company will probably not be just a one time wonder. The essence of having durable roller banners lies in their reusability. If you get a large banner, you would want to showcase it in front of your office or shop permanently. You may even want to mount it somewhere outdoors.

It is thus crucial that the roller banner you get is of good quality. You must confirm the print quality, and the technology used is suitable. Inspect a few samples before placing an order. Consult your provider about specifics like how long the poster generally lasts, when can the colors fade etc.

  1. Design

You can have the most prominent, most colorful poster out there and still not get noticed. It is hence vital to curate a design that is unique to your brand. The method of the sign should also represent the kind of organisation you run. For example, if you are running a Match coaching institute, go for elegant shapes and straight lines. However, if you are starting a new theme park, you can go for playful shapes like stars and hearts.

You may design your roller banner yourself, or outsource the design from a professional. Just remember to add your company details like logo, tagline and contact information on the banner in a way that it is easily legible. For that, it is critical that the banner is not cluttered with shapes and text and that every object can be seen clearly.

  1. Placement

The placement of the banner also makes a difference in how passers-by perceive your brand. Study the place where you want to mount your banner carefully. If needed, get the installers to measure the dimensions of the site before you place an order for it. This will help you decide exactly what size you want and will also ease up the designing process.

  1. Message

Once you have your basic design and placement ready, you need to decide what kind of a message you want to convey to the audience. If you are merely advertising your brand, then just contact information with necessary service details are enough. But if you are trying to promote a special deal or sale, make sure that the focus of the message is on the new announcement.

Customers tend to get more attracted to deals and offers than brands. Most people are brand loyal and would not change its brand unless a competitor offers them something significantly better. Therefore, make sure you use any new information you can in your promotional banners.

  1. Colour

This one is a no brainer. You can have the best design, print quality, message and tagline. But if you have dull colours on your sign, no one will notice it. Colours speak a unique language that works, and shapes cannot communicate. Most top-notch marketers claim that colour is the most effective tool of persuasion in advertising.

If colours are used effectively enough, they can psychologically bind onlookers to focus on your banner for longer. One well-known technique visual marketers use is the ‘figure and ground’ technique in which colour and shapes are placed in a way that they make a figure that instills an emotional response in the audience.

The colours in your banner can also be used to mirror your message. Academics and technologically inclined businesses should have striking yet somber colours in the backdrop. While more luxury-related brands can advertise using soft hues and subtle tints.

  1. Price 

Every marketing consultant is an art connoisseur until the finance department calls. Money is the fuel for any business, and the price of every little thing adds up to finance management. It is thus crucial for you to pick a roller banner that costs just enough to ensure the right quality.


You now know enough about banners and how they should be used. All you now need to do is opt for the banner printing service and explore the various types of banners for your business. You can choose from Ensure every little detail of all the above points to get the most satisfying banner printing experience.

As a digital marketing consultant at Roller banners UK, Fedrik Burn helps increase their brand visibility, reputation and business success. At regular intervals, he keeps contributing his valuable knowledge related to printing on the leading blogging sites.

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