There are plenty of people working toward getting their MBA, and entrepreneurs should be no exception. While there are no laws or rules that state you need an education to go into business for yourself, often times business owners find themselves learning as they go, and not always the easy way. If you plan to be a business owner, you certainly want to have all the advantages you can possibly have on your side. After all, an astounding 80% of small businesses find themselves closing within 18 months of launch. It could be your lifelong dream to run your own business, and certainly you can have all the passion in the world for what you are selling, but the bottom line is; if you don’t know how to go about doing it properly, you are setting yourself up for failure. Small businesses have to run just like big businesses if you want to achieve success. Equipping yourself with an MBA will put you on the same playing field as big businesses and you will have the knowledge necessary in order to make your small business everything you dreamed.

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