By Natalie Lesyk

Since “the big social media bang” we are witnessing massive shifts of the ways companies are interacting with their customers. We can say with certainty that social media has shaped the new age marketing and is affecting everyone on the market.

Even though, Facebook is dominating the social media industry since the late 2000’s, every year new type of social media channel emerges making it hard for businesses to stay on track or use the right channel for better reach. If in the past sharing simple text content was enough, nowadays you need to develop content and sharing strategy and follow the new marketing trends to stay on top.

According to Infosys’s report, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. It’s all about making them feel special and unique.  In the 21’st century what will impact the level of engagement with your target audience is personalization. There is no better way of achieving that effect of belonging then building your own social network.

New age technology and platforms make it possible to build your own social media network fast and easy. How your own social network can change your levels of engagement? We have compiled a list of 3 reasons why building your own social network is directly related to your engagement levels.

Customers like customer care

Utilizing customer experience in one place will help you in improving your customer care.  Can you imagine having one place where you can respond, interact and share with your customers? Personal business social media network will help you achieve that dream. On social network platforms like Ning, you can easily build your own social media network with drag and drop features and get it online and live in just a few days. When you have everything in one place everything gets easier.

But if you choose to do it by yourself then you can apply different CMS such as DrupalRuby on Rails, or .Net. The following CMS will allow you to build it from scratch.

Reaching out to your customers when they have specific questions increases brand loyalty and the chance of a future purchase. According to Sprout Social’s research 35,4 % of people choose social media as a top choice for customer care.

Improve your response time

The president of Convince and Convert Jay Baer discovered that 42 % of users expect a response from brands via social media in less than an hour.  The question here is how successfully you manage your existing social media presence?

It can get though, especially if you are present on more than two social media platforms. Having everything in one place can improve your response time significantly. According to Forrester 77% of consumers have chosen or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.

With personal business social media network, you can improve your response time by 90 % percent.

Consumers like sharing data to get personalized experience

Consumers are aware of the fact that in order to get a personalized experience they need to contribute and share their personal data as well.  For instance, DIY drones founded by Chris Anderson built their own social media network and achieved great results.

“Our community has more than 100 developers who’ve created the largest Arduino program ever written. The beauty of Ning is that because it’s social, it’s peer to peer. Members can private message each other to create connections and work together, they don’t have to go through me,” says Anderson

Sharing makes them feel like they belong and contribute for a bigger cause.  Personal data and thoughts will make you learn more about the behavioral patterns of your target audience. By gaining that type of knowledge you will know how you can optimize your activities and reach your future marketing goals more easily.

Natalie Lesyk is a digital marketing geek with narrow specialization in community building. I write about social media, growth hacking, recent marketing technics, brand ambassadors and much more. @AlfaNatali.