Storage and organization businesses are cleaning up thanks to Marie Kondo.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Organizing guru Marie Kondo is everywhere. Americans can follow her advice on her TV show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, in her books and via numerous media appearances (in print, online and on television).

Kondo’s primary advice about purging household (or business) items that don’t “spark joy” is one of decluttering. But in order to successfully organize your belongings, you may need to buy more products. Indeed, The NPD Group reports the act of consumers cleaning up has enabled businesses to, um, clean up as well.

NPD says consumers are investing in the tidying phenomenon, buying storage and organization-related products. Sales are rising for file storage (up 3%), packing products (up 7%) and laminating products (up 10%). These were the top-growing storage categories in the first month of 2019—boasting combined sales of $165.7 million. Sales of other types of filing and storage products, like storage boxes and totes, corrugated boxes and shredders were also up, reports NPD.

“In a time when health, wellness, and mindfulness have become essential consumer values, retailers and brands have an opportunity to help the consumer take control of their ‘joy’ through their purchases,” says Leen Nsouli, NPD’s office supplies and home improvement industry analyst. “I anticipate sales of organization solutions will continue to see a positive effect from consumers’ latest obsession with tidying.”

Consumers are purging and organizing all over the house, including their kitchens, where sales of food storage products grew 3% to $1.27 billion in a year.

There are several types of businesses that can profit from the Kondo craze. If you sell office supplies, storage and organizational accessories for closets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. this is your time—take advantage of it.