Springtime is filled with opportunities for small businesses to make money.

By Rieva Lesonsky

Last week was the first day of Spring. And according to The Marketing Insider blog on MediaPost, Spring is a great time to target millennial moms because it’s filled with special buying occasions. (In case you’re wondering, more than half of all parents with kids under 18 are millennials.)

In Spring (from March to June), moms “spend nearly 2/3 of what they spent on gifts and meals during their Christmas shopping season,” according to a survey from BSM Media.

Here are some of the Spring occasions millennial moms open their wallets for:

Easter: Easter is late this year (April 21), so you still have time to stock up on candy, toys and baskets to put them in, plus special Easter outfits.

Spring cleaning: “More plastic bins and organizing items are sold in May than any other month,” The Marketing Insider reports. This year, with millions of moms caught up in the Marie Kondo purging frenzy, that spending is likely to increase.

Summer prep: Spring is the time consumers are getting their homes and yards ready for summer, buying garden supplies, outdoor furniture, décor and barbeques.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: Surprisingly (or maybe not), The Marketing Insider says most Mother’s Day gift are purchased by moms, not dads. Moms buy for their mothers and mothers-in-law—and yes, some even buy their own gifts. Moms are also the primary purchasers of Father’s Day gifts. Restaurants should gear up for both holidays.

Graduation: Graduation is not just for high school and college seniors anymore. Children graduate from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. This means moms are buying gifts, clothing and accessories; planning parties; and dining out. Depending on where you’re located, graduations can happen anytime from April through June.

Is your business ready to cash in on Spring spending?

Spring stock photo by Dmitry Melnikov/Shutterstock