Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

Date posted: February 14, 2018


By Rieva Lesonsky

If you sell clothing or accessories, you need to start sourcing your spring and summer merchandise immediately. What should you be looking for? Here are some spring and summer fashion trends from Elle.com.

Once you take a look at these upcoming fashion trends, and you want to find suppliers, try  this new sourcing tool, Source Now, from Alibaba.com. Just download the Chrome browser extension and you can start sourcing in a snap. You can read more about Source Now here.

Spring and summer fashion trends

Rubber clothes and accessories. Elle.com says fashion brands are “taking rubberized materials and molding them into unexpectedly chic silhouettes.” You can already find some bags made from rubber at Alibaba.com.

Fanny packs. “The fanny pack is here to stay,” proclaims Elle.com. Check out these fanny packs.

Transparent fashions. Transparent boots? Apparently, fashion giants like Chanel and Jimmy Choo are introducing their versions. Look here for some you might want to order.

White suits. Remember the white suit John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever? They’re hot for spring—only for women. Take a look.

White tank tops. These certainly aren’t new, but Elle.com says white tank tops will be in-demand, especially for spring.

Dark denim. Denim never goes out of style, but Elle.com says dark hues will be in demand this spring and summer.

Fringe. Fringe seems to recycle as one of the hot fashion trends every few years. Elle.com says it’s back this year, “in all forms.”

Colorful fashion trends

Florals. Floral prints will be dominating spring fashions.

Black and white polka dot clothes. Elle.com says clothes with black and white polka dots will run a close second to the florals for spring and summer fashion trends.

Lavender. This color is fairly close to Pantone’s color-of-the-year, Ultra Violet. Elle.com says lavender is replacing “Millennial Pink” as the next “it color”. Check out some lavender dresses, for girls and women on Alibaba.com.

Rainbow. Multi-color clothes will be, according to Elle.com, “approachable, mature and chic.” I found these on Alibaba.com using the Source Now tool.

Elle.com lists other fashion trends including clothes with feathers; square necklines and X-girl sunglasses. Check it all out and start sourcing. Spring will be here before you know it.

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