By Shawn Hunt

Ask the average business to rate their dependency on the internet from 1-10 and they’re likely to say 12. But while most businesses these days couldn’t function properly without getting online, a temporary internet outage doesn’t have to mean an end to the working day and all hell breaking loose. Here are a few ways to stay productive when the internet goes down:

Have a Spring Clean
It’s said that if you clear your desk you clear your mind, so why not take the first five minutes or so of internet downtime to declutter your desk. If you’ve still got time to kill you can move from your desk to the desktop: making sure folders are organised properly and removing duplicate files are just a few of the digital housekeeping tasks you can get done offline.

Take Care of Correspondence
While you won’t be able to receive new emails if the internet goes down, the ones you’ve already received should be accessible offline (you can even access Gmail offline on the Chrome browser).

Without other tasks to act as a distraction you have the time to reply to any outstanding emails and schedule them to send when you get back online. If you’ve put off any important telephone calls now is also a great time to pick up the receiver.

Have a Meeting
If you work in an office setting an internet outage could be the perfect excuse to get staff together for an informal meeting. Whether brainstorming new ideas or reporting on current projects, a meeting can help refocus the team.

If you’re like me you’ll have a folder with pdfs and other files that I’ve saved with the intention of reading at some vague point in the future. The internet going down is that future, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and get your reading glasses on.

Even if you don’t have any mammoth pdf files waiting to be read, there will no doubt be interested books available whether you work from home or in an office.

…and if you absolutely need the internet

Even though it’s possible to remain productive without the internet, there will be some businesses that simply can’t afford to be offline. Depending on the size of your business and the strength of connection you need there are a number of options for back up internet, from mobile hotspots to satellite broadband.

For those businesses that aren’t so reliant on the internet, however, just make the most out of being offline. It’s unlikely to last long!

Shawn Hunt is the owner f satellite broadband specialists Broadband Wherever.