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By Jihn Siepen

If available records and surveys are to be believed, ecommerce websites have been dominating different industries – by presenting a variety of products and services. Thousands of websites are trying to achieve number one position or trying to increasing their sales; while a good number of websites are in the queue to make their dream come true for having a remarkable presence. Attractive layouts and uniqueness of ecommerce websites often persuade visitors and leave more time on the site. But, reality is far different and there are numerous websites that are on the verge of end.

It’s All about Keeping Visitors Engaged to Transform into Customers

By end of the time, your visitors left the website by spending a few minutes on it that is in seconds or in minutes. Put simply, there is not positive response in terms of getting services and purchasing products even after spending so much time on the website by going through its services and images. Here, the main thing takes place is the use of innovative and attractive ways that can keep visitors engaged to your website as long as possible. More time a visitor has to look at your products and exploring other parts of website, if website has something catchy, informative and unique.

Still, a good number of website owners have to accept the fact that people (users or visitors of your website) are found abandoning your website before purchasing anything. Talking about this matter, there are numerous reasons behind it; some of them can increase your tension and are just a fact that you can’t change.

Here are some good reasons that are showing that why visitors abandon ecommerce websites without making a purchase or getting services.

Impressive Ads on the Same Theme of Products and Services


Having impressive ads is the most important points. Many a times; it is seen that your ads don’t match your website. There is no denying the fact that Pay per Click or PPC is the most popular way of increasing website traffic. This is the easiest way of attracting visitors to your site. An ad also ensures that visitors click because they expect you to fulfill your promise to persuade you for ads.

Whenever, you start search in Google for any specific keyword, you will see the ad of your site that attract visitor first of all. But, selection of wrong keyword may result on less traffic and no potential customer. Put simply, wrong page displaying the wrong products can be a worse experience for you to increase traffic and boost sales.

Point to Note: Before starting your PPC campaign, first of all focus and pay heed to the right landing page and then start campaigning to reach the right page in search.

Correct Navigation – Important to Transform Visitors into Customers

Many ecommerce websites have a complicated structure. With the motive of adding more and more products, they are divided into different categories and catalogs. Here, visitors often face difficulties in understanding them and reach the right platform. If they don’t find their desired product instantly, then don’t waste their time and would get lost immediately.

Note: It is important to have clear product description and defining the things very clearly to keep users engaged. Try to make the navigation simple and accessible to reach the website through product page.

Focus on Designs – They Shouldn’t Be Unappealing

Website owners, at the time of creating ecommerce site nice, modern and more appealing, are found focusing more on designing part. Fact is that they cannot please everyone with designs. If some visitors are not showing their interest in the design of site, you are advised not to think it a big issue. You should be positive that a big part is also showing its interest.

Note: Focus on updating website rather than completely alter the design of your site. Try not to over complicate the design.

Keep Contact Information Genuine and Precise


Lack of contact information is another main issue. A good part of visitors prefer to get assistance from your site by reaching the contact us page before making any kind of purchasing. Your contact us page should be easy to find and updated with all precise information like email address, contact numbers, office address and similar other points.

Note – Keep Contact us page easy to access and updated with genuine details.

Social Media Presence and Effective Online Marketing or Internet Marketing

Hire digital marketing professionals after having an impressive website to have remarkable impression on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites along with complete attention of internet marketing like SEO and SEM. A blog section along with news section is also important in website to keep users informed about discounts and deals.

High-Definition Photos and Accurate Product Description

Another important part to focus as clear pictures with high definition visibility always plays an important role. Not to mention Accurate and precise product description.

Responsive Layouts – Does It Matter?

Responsive layout or a website that is device friendly is the key to success now. The most easy access visitors get in their devices, better stability time and boost in sales would be.

There are some important points that will help you in creating a remarkable impression in online world for the popularity of your ecommerce site. You have to follow a few steps and witness a significant boom in growth.

Jihn Siepen is Digital Marketing Strategist & working for a reputed Ecommerce Development Services Company in India. He is a regular contributor to numerous online magazines and journals and has been helping small business owners plan their strategies for success since 2009. Follow him on Google Plus and twitter.