Steve Stanulis is an entrepreneur and world-renowned filmmaker who has been making waves in the indie film industry with his innovative storytelling and auteur sensibilities. He’s also an award-winning actor, producer, director, and founder of Stanulis Films, a company that produces movies and documentaries such as Wasted Talent, which follows the life of actor Lillo Brancato – who was widely considered the next Robert De Niro before becoming a drug addict – and his struggles to overcome addiction. Wasted Talent won “The Best Documentary” award at the 2019 Independent Film Festival in New York. But there are more reasons why people are increasingly investing in Steve Stanulis’ films.

1) Compelling Stories

Those who have followed Stanulis’ work know that he has a knack for telling compelling stories. His films are always well-written, and the acting is impeccable, with strong performances by some of America’s best actors. Here you can see a long list of the movies that he has produced or directed. Most recently, he directed “Chronicles of a Serial Killer,” a 99-minute film released last year during the pandemic on Amazon Prime. Since then, it has been watched by millions of people and received rave reviews from critics. Stanulis’ films are a mixture of drama, comedy, and suspense – all intending to provoke change in society’s perspective on various topics such as addiction and isolation.

2) Stanulis’ Background

Perhaps what makes Stanulis’ films so special is the behind-the-scenes perspective that his filmmaker life has given him. Stanulis is a former NYPD police officer and Kanye West’s former bodyguard. He has been in countless dangerous situations and knows first-hand what it takes to make a film that people will want to see. When Stanulis was at the NYPD, he lost colleagues to gun violence. That kind of senseless death drives him and fuels his work when creating films with powerful messages. This background gives him a unique insight into not just what makes compelling stories but also telling them in a way that can make an impact.

3) The Film Industry is Booming

The final reason to invest in Stanulis’ films has to do with the state of the film industry. It has been growing in leaps and bounds. In recent years, the industry has become so popular that thousands of film festivals in cities worldwide compete for attention from moviegoers. Last year, the global box office reached $42.2 billion.

This trend is only going to continue in the future, as more people stream films using popular online services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. People can sit on their couch and binge-watch as many movies as they want. But it’s not just the convenience of online streaming services that have been attracting more viewers. New technologies, like virtual reality and augmented reality, are also appealing to moviegoers because they offer an immersive viewing experience.

Enter Steve Stanulis, the man who is leading a renaissance of film production in New York City. His company, Stanulis Films, has been making films since 2017, and it’s not about to stop anytime soon – because there are just too many great stories out there for filmmakers like him to tell.

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Photo courtesy Filmmaker Steve Stanulis