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By Rieva Lesonsky

Are you planning to travel this summer, whether for business, pleasure or a combination of both? Being an entrepreneur brings with it the flexibility of making your own schedule, but also the responsibility of keeping your business running smoothly whether you’re in the office, on the road visiting a client or enjoying a family vacation. Here are some tips for helping you get down to business wherever you are.

  1. Keep it in the cloud. You’ll always have access to your critical business data and documents when you store them in the cloud. Popular cloud options like Google Drive and Dropbox enable you to share files with your employees and partners back at the office, work on the go and always have the latest copy of every document.
  2. Delegate your duties. It’s hard for most small business owners to let go, but if you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing vacation, you need to loosen the reins at least a little bit. Before you set out on your vacation, put a trusted employee in charge in your absence. Have that person and/or your assistant handle your calls and other day-to-day duties; they should get you involved only if it’s absolutely necessary.
  3. Communicate. Let clients and suppliers know you will be out of the office ahead of time and who will be handling things while you’re gone. When they know what’s going on, they will feel confident you won’t drop the ball. Create a plan with your staff so you can stay in touch with the office while still enjoying some downtime. For instance, checking your email and voicemail at a set time every morning and evening ensures you won’t miss anything urgent.
  4. Pack properly. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find that you’ve forgotten a critical item of clothing or tech tool. If you’re a frequent business traveler, streamline packing by creating a checklist of everything you need to take on the road, from clothing to chargers. Keep it in the cloud so you can refer to it quickly and pack confidently even on short notice.
  5. Plan ahead. Even on a vacation, plan for how you’ll handle business needs during the trip. For instance, what if you suddenly need to print, fax or make copies on the road? Head into your local Staples and you’ll be all set. Staples Print & Marketing Services offers self-service printing, scanning, copying and faxing that’s fast and easy. Just walk in; print from your device, the cloud or email; and pay at the machine. Through a partnership with Xerox, Staples now provides self-service Xerox machines that give you more control over your time and print production. They feature all the printing capabilities of the Xerox WorkCentre 7800 Series Multifunction Printer. You can even scan in your Staples Rewards card or Staples coupons right at the machine, so you always save
  6. Know when to call in the experts. Before you head out on a business trip to attend an industry event or meet with an important prospect, make sure your handouts and other visual aids look professional. When it comes to complex print projects such as presentation materials, manuals or booklets, the printing experts at Staples can help. Staples’ full-service print experts will walk you through every step of the job, from customizing the look of your project to binding, finishing and more. The end result: a product that shows off your business to its best advantage.

On the road or in the office, Staples can help you get the job done on time, on budget, and in a way that best meets your needs. This summer, make Staples your one-stop shop for self-service or full-service printing.