Ideas to capitalize on upcoming October holidays, festivals, gatherings and more

By Rieva Lesonksy

I’m very excited to announce that every month we’ll be bringing you the latest trends and insights from Eventbrite. Here are this month’s events—and suggestions for ways your business can capitalize on them.

  1. Climate Change continues to be top of mind following the global general strike and the UN Climate Action Summit. From lectures at MIT to the Water Education Foundation, various institutions are educating the public and inspiring action through in-person gatherings. Every small business has a community and network. How can you leverage in-person experiences to start discussions around causes or topics that you care about?
  2. Halloween continues to be one of Eventbrite’s favorite (and busiest) holidays. There were over 6,000 Halloween events on the platform last year, and we think this year will be no different. Since Halloween is on a Thursday, we’re seeing some parties the weekend before. From the City of Gods Halloween in Brooklyn to cemetery tours in Atlanta, all kinds of Halloween festivities will be peppered throughout the month. Capitalizing on the holiday by offering Halloween discounts and events is not a bad idea!
  3. Pumpkins are making their way back like they do every Fall. Last year, there were over 1,200 Pumpkin-related events. From pumpkin walks, pumpkin patch festivals, to pumpkin paintings, these activities are perfect for families looking to celebrate the new season. How can your business host some pumpkin-themed events for your local community?
  4. Oktoberfest technically kicks off at the end of September, but the literal sense of the word sees Oktoberfest-themed events carry well into October, so there’s still time to peg your event to this well-known festival. There are Oktoberfest-inspired events taking place throughout the U.S., but it’s not all just about the beer—we’re also seeing some creative twists like Lobstoberfest to celebrate lobster and Tracktoberfest to celebrate nature and community.
  5. Say (Grilled) Cheese. Cheese is in fashion all year round, let’s be honest, but the arrival of the cooler months is whetting Americans’ appetite for grilled We’re seeing grilled cheese festivals across the country, including the Boise Grilled Cheese & Beer Festival, Kansas City Grilled Cheese Festival, and the Great Grilled Cheese-Off in St. Louis. Hosting some folks at your business for a promotional event? Just add cheese!


Graveyard stock photo by Hitdelight/Shutterstock