Small business owners wear a number of hats in the day-to-day operations of running a business, including tracking business’s finances and tackling accounting responsibilities. From all my experience in talking to entrepreneurs, I know most have our own “tricks of the trade” that enable us to get it all done without losing our minds. My tricks include finding easy-to-use solutions I can use to help me run my business better.

So, because numbers and accounting are not necessarily “my thing,” I was excited to learn that Sage 50cloud Accounting has the simple tools I need to help keep my business’s finances on track and improve cash flow. Not only does Sage 50cloud Accounting integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365, it has a handy app to help me make sure I never lose another expense receipt again. But that’s not all folks! Here’s the best of what I discovered when I tested it out.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Automatic backups to the cloud have saved me again and again in the years since I started my business. Luckily, Sage 50cloud Accounting allows me to simply turn on Cloud Backup, set my backup schedule, and then get back to work. Cloud Backup runs in the background and automatically backs up my company file to Microsoft OneDrive. If I need a quick report, Sage 50cloud Accounting has the option to download whatever data I’m looking for into a Microsoft Excel file so I can analyze the numbers and share.

Sage 50cloud Accounting Capture

I travel a lot locally and nationally for my business, so any tool that can help me accurately and efficiently keep track of business receipts and expenses is a major plus. The Sage 50cloud Accounting Capture app allows me to record a transaction and store it in my company file on Microsoft OneDrive by simply “snapping” a picture of the item and sending it through. Easy peasy.

Online Invoicing and Payments

Besides being able to create customizable invoices, Sage 50cloud Accounting has made payment easier for my customers—and therefore allows me to get paid quicker and easier! Sage 50cloud Accounting Invoice Payments lets me include a “Pay Now” button on the invoice. The button links to a payment provider of my choice (PayPal, Stripe or Paya) so my customers can pay immediately with credit and debit cards.

Job and Project Management

Having too much on your plate is a problem all business owners face from time to time. And, although it’s a “good problem” because it means business is good, it still can be a lot in terms of keeping all the details straight, organized and handled. Sage 50cloud Accounting’s Job and Project Management tools makes easier to track projects and evaluate profitability. I can see a lot of potential uses for this tool, in particular, when it comes time for me to determine pricing, project length and deadline feasibility.

Inventory Management

My business doesn’t have “inventory” per se, but I did check out the inventory management capabilities just in case I decide to add products to my business plan. In the Inventory/Service Management Center, I could create a customized view to show me items on backorder, inventory adjustments, assembly relationships and more.

The Bottom Line

Business owners need to understand where they spend their time and money—and where they make their money. By having all the data at your fingertips 24/7 it’s easier to make big business decisions such as when it’s time to hire, what to charge a new client and if it’s time to expand. Speaking of expansion, Sage 50cloud Accounting grows as your business grows. Choose from three solution and pricing levels:

  • Pro Accounting is a simple accounting software for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small businesses with 1 user.
  • Sage 50cloudPremium Accounting is a more advanced accounting solution for small businesses with 1 – 5 users.
  • Sage 50cloudQuantum Accounting is designed for medium-sized businesses with up to 40 users and has industry-specific features for construction, distribution, manufacturing and nonprofit.

Take a free test drive of Sage 50cloud Accounting and see how it can work for your business. Love it as much as I do? Sage 50cloud Accounting in the US is currently up to 40% off for new customers!

Available in the UK at Sage 50cloud Accounting UK.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sage 50cloud Accounting. All opinions are 100% mine.

Accounting stock photo by Gutesa/Shutterstock