“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company”—Saul Bass.

When someone starts a new company, people expect to have something innovative the plate — it’s a common perception.  They think that the needs which remained unfulfilled or problems that could not be solved by other companies will get addressed by the new company.

For every start-up, designing an appealing logo is one of the things of utmost importance as it is the face of the company. In most of the cases, the success and failure of start-ups are directly correlated with their logos. Business owners want their brand to stand out in the market, and the logo helps them achieve their goals. A logo acts as a company identity for the target audience. A stunning logo persuades the target audience to buy your services or products.

Today, the market is highly competitive where every business wants to put their skills into their own business, rather than working for others. That is why a lot of youngsters are leaving their full-time job and coming up with innovative ideas for their own business. It’s good to have such spirit but launching a company and making it successful is not so easy. A logo is the company’s first introduction to the audience. It has the power to make or break the business. Although the buying decision of any consumer not depends on the logo design only, it certainly attracts the audience and compels them to know more about the brand.

Knowing the importance of logo design, a lot of start-ups have started giving attention to logo design. They know that incredible and unique design can make a lot of difference to their business. Whether you are starting technology or product based company, your logo should clearly communicate your objectives, goals, products or services. If you are beginning a tech-based company, you should know that the technology logo should convey not only what you build but also what the future holds for your businesses. And if you are starting a product-based company, you should know that the product logo should be more specific focusing on what product can do for the audience.

Here, we will highlight the top 10 best start-ups logos that have been designed beautifully with a focus to show business personality as well as aesthetic quality.

Let’s have a look!

1) Iterate:

The Company established in 2016 with a purpose to help other companies in getting customer feedback in the form of a survey so that they can develop products that their customers will love. If you look at their logo, it clearly defines that the process of iteration is very simple. The three horizontal blocks, stack one above the other, gives us the impression of something that becomes better with each of the iterations. The designer has managed to convey the message by associating the company name with the logo design.

2) Elevatr:

The brand came into existence with the thought of helping those who are suffering from mental health issues. The logo of the brand is exciting and catchy. The designer has used the arrow pointing upward indicating the middle letter ‘A’ in the company’s name. The symbol also connects with its slogan ‘Lift me up’ perfectly. The blue color represents trust, calmness, and responsibility.


3) Snapchat:

Snapchat — a messaging app that became popular within a very short period because of its unique feature that automatically deletes shared images from the recipient’s phone just within a few seconds. The designer has smartly conveyed the unique feature by giving a ghost shape to a logo. Just like a phantom, you can see images for a shorter period of time. The brand chose yellow because no one in the competition had ever used this color. The bold black outline differentiates white from yellow. Without any doubt, the icon appears to be clean and simple even on the screen of the smallest smartphone.


4) Airbnb:

Since the time of the launch, the company has changed its brand identity several times. In 2016, the brand came up with its current logo which is created by joining another four different icons. The best part of this logo is that all of these four icons have various meanings. But together they form a simple and unique logo. The company has changed the background from blue to coral-red color, and the changes seem to be beneficial for the company.


5) Squarespace:

It is one of the industry’s best hosting services, website constructors, and blogging platforms. Anyone can create, maintain and host their websites and blogs. Since the brand allows its users to create logos as well, so their own logo has to be a masterpiece. Each element in the logo is designed to suggest something. The logo has two components—double letter ‘S’ and chain links. The former is representing the name of the company, and the later signifies hyperlinks which remind customers about the services it offers. The black color shows strength and boldness.


6) Slack:



It is a great tool to communicate with team members in a modern way. The company came into existence in 2013, and within a short period, it has become one of the most favorite communication tools for businesses. The colorful hash symbol denotes that it is private. If you look into the icon, you will see four different colors at intersecting points. The company opted to place the name of brand adjacent to an icon. The grey color used in the name look to be an ideal choice as the color is mainly associated with products that offer value and solve problems.




It is an online search engine and database that lets users browse and share no- sound small looping videos that look similar to animated gifs. As per PC Magazine, soon after the launch, the company was renowned as top 100 websites. The designer designed the unique square shape icon in four different colors, giving the upper right corner little pixilated. The brand name is positioned below the icon—all letters in uppercase. The simplicity of logo design has captured millions of minds.

8) HotelTonight:


It is one of the most popular travel applications for lodgings in Europe, America, and the Australian region. The founder of the company wanted to have a design that not only inspires but can be marked as innovative. If you give a closer look to the icon, you will notice that it forms two different shapes—Bed shape and ‘H’ in upper case. Whichever way you look, this ‘H-bed’ shaped conveys a brand message effectively. The brand name is placed above the icon. The purple and white color signifies royalty, cleanliness, and creativity.


9) 42Floors:

The company came into existence with a motive to help other businesses to find and rent office space.  The best part of a logo is that the number 4 is designed in such a way that it clearly communicates that the brand is into real estate business. You don’t have to visit the company’s ‘About Us’ page to know about the company. The color of the logo is neutral, and the two green color windows inside number 4 immediately attract the attention.


10) Medium:

It is an online publishing brand that offers an interface to work on and have a pleasant reading experience without any distractions. Anyone can publish its post on the platform. All the posts look the same as there are no themes and option for customization. The USP of the brand is that it separates the content by quality. The brand re-launched its current logo in 2017 with minor changes. The current logo has bold letter ‘M’ on white background with additional horizontal lines on the right bottom corner. The lines clearly communicate the company’s objectives.


A company name serves the purpose of defining the identity and describing the kind of services it provides to its customers. On the other side, it is the logo of the company that reflects the mission and vision of the company. Now that you have gone through the meaning of logos of top start-ups, we hope that you will be able to create a meaningful and compelling logo for your brand.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, creating new t-shirt designs. Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1  

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