If you are unsure, EHS stands for Environment, Health & Safety. The is for Environment meaning rules and regulations designed to help protect the environment. And the H and S for health and safety means that you do everything in your power (including using EHS software) to protect the health and well-being of your staff members.

What it Means for Compliance Officers

What EHS software does is to simplify this process by providing you with a central hub that stores all your health and safety data, manages tasks that must be done and gives you a real-time view of your company’s compliance, regulation and safety. The software collects all the necessary data and presents it so you can view the important rules and regulations you need to know when it comes to on-site safety.

What it Means for all Employees

All employees who have access to the platform can upload documents at any time, from anywhere, for it to be safely stored in the app’s cloud. The information available can cover areas of health and safety, behavioral safety as well as workplace hazards, safety incidents and near misses.

The EHS software streamlines the workflow of health and safety officers it also automates the sending of due tasks to all employees. It can, for instance, send an alert to employees when they have outstanding tasks or when metrics reach a certain stage, which will automatically prompt action from all the relevant parties.

The 5 Main Benefits of Using EHS Software

Using EHS software brings a number of benefits, especially for first-time users. The most important reasons to adopt this type of solution are:

  1. Centralization 

Centralizing all EHS documentation This will simplify your tasks, save time, and help you diminish risks. It also ensures that vital information stays in the company records, even after staff members leave the business.

2. Paperless Processes 

Going paperless is a major benefit for any company as this stop forms from being lost or people not being able to read bad handwriting. It also saves money and is good for the environment by massively reducing the use of paper.

3. Save Money 

By investing a little extra money in safety, you can save your business money in the long run. One area which can save you money is by reducing the time spent on auditing, which will lead to lower labor costs.

Speaking of saving money EHS software pricing can be adapted to suit your needs and budget.  

  1. Make Auditing Easy 

Having an automated regulatory compliance system also makes audits easier and less stressful in general.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring 

Gone are the days of monthly or quarterly reporting as it allows you to respond to automated alerts and notifications straight away.

While there are many different EHS software on the market, one that offers all these five key benefits is Capptions.