Photo Courtesy: Dell

By Rieva Lesonsky

The most secure business laptop is ready for takeoff. The Dell Latitude E6540 can handle the rigors of the most grueling business traveler, starting with the Tri-metal chassis, anodized-aluminum exterior and powder-coated base. The Latitude E6540 isn’t just about good looks though, its real power comes from keeping your data safe.

The Latitude E6540 comes bundled with McAfee Security Center, a security solution designed for your new Dell laptop. What does this mean? First, because it was designed with your laptop in mind you will feel the performance boost through faster scans and updates that’ll keep your computer running at full speed. You’ll also get McAfee’s exclusive Active Protection technology that finds and blocks new threats (unbelievably, over 60,000 are discovered daily) in less than a second! The McAfee Security Center also helps keep your inbox free of spam and phishing scams, plus it removes junk files for better computer performance.

Dell has added their own layer of software protection into this laptop too with Dell’s Data Protection | Encryption software. This is a non-disruptive endpoint encryption solution—meaning it’s like a bodyguard for your data that hides in the background. For IT purposes, this makes policy deployment and enforcement quite easy.

If you want something even more secure, you can access and authenticate your data using the FIPS 201-certified smartcard and fingerprint readers and RSA SecurID. These security tools make it easy to enable two-factor authentication (i.e., a fingerprint and password), web single sign-on, and high levels of encryption from the device to the cloud. The smartcard makes it easy to authenticate electronic credentials to your servers and applications, while the biometric security provided by the fingerprint scanner personalizes access that’s hard to duplicate.

If that weren’t enough, the Dell Latitude E6540 comes with a FIPS 140-2-certified TPM chip. What’s that? It’s a special security chip that stores your cryptographic information separately.

But there’s even more. The Latitude E6540 also comes with Protected Workspace, yet another security measure that automatically detects and blocks all malware and malicious behavior in real time—even zero-day attacks, meaning threats that are so new they attack vulnerabilities that the application developer might not even know about yet.

Configurations of the laptop can vary, but all of this security can get pushed along running Windows 7 Professional with an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and a 128-bit graphics video card with 2GB memory. A solid-state hybrid drive or solid-state drive option allows for really fast boot up that delivers reliable performance and makes waking from sleep mode lightning fast.

Frequent travelers who aren’t always near a power source will also appreciate the removable battery options so when one is about out of juice, a fresh battery can easily be swapped in. What’s more, the Dell Latitude E6540 is not just the most secure laptop, but also the most powerful.

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