San Francisco

As you think about San Francisco you might think it’s a workaholic place, a costly one where life is not easy but in reality, it’s not that tough what you actually have in your mind.  You need to be little smart to settle in this city. It is a beautiful, vibrant and great cultured place where you can actually enjoy and live a happy life. This place can be confusing and stressful at times but then you need to cope up with all the things and make your life easier and a happier one. So moving to San Francisco is not easy maybe you are from any part of the world. There are certain things which you need to be concerned about. Given below are more details on it, as offered by the best cross country movers in the country.

There is no need to own a personal car in this place

The public transportation system is quite good in San Francisco. It’s better than a number of US cities. There are two main transit systems present here that is BART and MUNI. The systems are not connected to each other but then they are well organized. The bus times are not hard and fast rules but are of more like guidelines. Thus, public transportation will be the easier way to travel around once you are comfortable in it. Not just this, the city is also counted as one of the best bicyclists’ city in the nation. However, if you don’t have a bike of your own, you can still travel as there are a number of bike-share programs and even scooter rentals that can be a great aid to you. Bikes are a great option when you have to move within the city.

Tennis shoes are a must to walk in the city

San Francisco is a hilly city, so you can’t simply walk around here in any footwear.  People usually forget that this city is not made for flats or stylish heels. To travel around appropriate footwear is required. You need to keep in mind that if anything pinches your feet, and puts pressure on your feet and leg should not be worn the city comprises a number of hills actually more than one hill per square mile. So you need to move too many steps so wearing the right kind of shoe is important. However, if you have to go to the office then you should wear shoes while in transit but then once you reach your destination you could change into the footwear you want. It might look awkward to wear a business suit with port shoes but then your feet and back are your major priority. You need to think about it first, hence you should go for comfortable shoes.

Don’t forget to have a pair of hiking boots

Keeping in consideration the environment of the place, you should definitely pack your hiking boots along for your comfort. The Bay Area present here is filled with green space, 220 parks, and a number of opportunities to stay in the city and spend time in nature for some time. It’s not just the City which is full of parks, but then you should also visit the mountains near to it. You should spend a day roaming around the beach and have fun there. Not just this, you should carry all your outdoor gear, such as swimsuits, snorkeling equipment, rock climbing equipment etc. So make sure you enjoy the beautiful weather and countryside over there and spend quality time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to carry your jackets too at the weather over here can take any turn at any moment. So make sure that you are prepared for all the extremities.

San Francisco is a city of young professionals

This city is a youth-oriented place where most youngsters are there working in the professional field. This city has a number of trending tech jobs, jobs related to arts and humanities and a lot more sectors. Thus this city is a hub of opportunities but more than this it comprises of youth who are smart, talented, educated and have quite a professional approach when it’s about working. There are few families actually residing but one could see more youth who are single and on the verge of making their career a better one at every step.

Thus to conclude San Francisco is a beautiful place to stay & balance out your deals. It has some difficult zones but then on the other side, it has certain positive and progressive steps too which will for sure make your experience a happy and fruitful one over there. So make sure when you think about moving to San Francisco from anywhere in the world you keep in mind these points and then do all your preparations for a safe time over there.

Skyline stock photo by IM_photo/Shutterstock