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There are different web scheduling software or task management programs out there for small teams, but each possesses at least one obvious, major flaw. When you start to use Wrike, you’ll come to the increasing realisation that it is the easiest and most effective one to use.

For small teams with a busy schedule, it’s important to assign dates and times to large chunks of work, such as video creation or marketing tasks. That’s the easy part. Where it can often go wrong is failing to have a to-do-list to ensure that the little things get done.

When those lists become cumbersome and long, however, without any order to them, they can be difficult to confront. For those who appreciate time management, this clearly isn’t the way to go.

Wrike enables you to see, when you are working, only those tasks that needs to be done for your business.

If you wish to see an overview of all the tasks that need to be completed for that day, but, you can see everything that has been assigned to you, as well as the tasks that you have assigned to other members of your team. You can see just your tasks, a specific team member’s tasks, or all those that need to be done for the project.

However, project management isn’t simply about your daily to-do-list. Its greatest strength is that it can schedule tasks far into the future and display them in a stable and orderly fashion.

If you are working on a project that requires you to complete a certain task every day, such as a 30-day YouTube video challenge, which requires you to create a video each day for a month, Wrike is a great solution.

While such a project possesses numerous moving time elements, the fact that you can control it all, makes things clearer when it comes to coordinating all project elements with a team member.

Taking on such a challenge can be annoying. For example, if you schedule a video for August 10th but schedule it for September 15th and remember to promote it via social media and other means on August 11th, it’s mind-blowing.

You could try and use a calendar to achieve this, but it’s still messy.


By using Wrike in conjunction with WordPress Calendar, however, it’s incredibly simple to set it all up. You simply enter each video title into WordPress Calendar and then move over to Wrike and set up the publishing and promotion dates, months out in the future.

An example of this would be, if you’re doing client work for a particular customer, and you have their deliverables, their designer’s banners, and a list of things that they send over; that they would like completed (some with attached items and some that can be squeezed in when you get the chance).

Another great feature in Wrike is that you can take a task with specific deliverables (including checkboxes) and include graphics files in the same place.

Among the more difficult aspects of to-do-lists is having to log into view the tasks that need to be completed. Wrike sends you a simple, factually correct email with an overview of your tasks, including any that are overdue and those that have been created that remain open, even if they weren’t assigned to you.

It also shows which project the related tasks belong to, and with a red line if that task is overdue.

For those tasks that you feel can be delayed, there is an option to postpone for one month. It’s especially useful should you be testing out an online resource with a monthly payment, as you can use it as a reminder to yourself should you need to make a decision on cancelling.

The iOS app is also easy to use. You can enter a task, assign it to yourself, set the date, and it appears on your to-do-list, like magic.

The tasks match exactly with those on the website, which eradicates any potential confusion, such as having completed the same task twice.


If you have a passion for planning, along with a need for simple software to help you achieve it, Wrike is a truly great solution.

You may have toyed with paper planners or tried a number of the other software programs available, and found that none really served your needs. Don’t be put off: Wrike beats its competition hands down.

In fact, Wrike is a game changer for those who work with small teams.