By Robert Cordray


Lots of eLearning start-ups today are rising up to the demand of eLearning services. Without a doubt start-up owners are experts but must understand their work goes beyond their business. They must avoid being dominated but dominate the eLearning industry and know it well. But that’s just the beginning. More has to be done.

Go beyond the expectations

One of the most important things about reaping it big as an eLearning startup is remaining steadfast and dedicated to the company. You can definitely make the most of networking and catching up with experts within the eLearning world but you should not stop there. You could blog on the niche and make sure you have not missed any professional event related to eLearning that has an effect of opening you to the industry further and generating more leads.

Be pragmatic

As a growing eLearning company you must understand your product and what it is bringing on the table. This can be enhancing products already in the market or a unique eLearning solution that’s also a must have. You must be pragmatic and ask as many questions as you can prior to coming up with a working business model. It’s also clear that having the right team is critical to success and you must find those individuals keen on taking eLearning to the next level. After you have answered any question or reservation you might have, perhaps an eLearning expert or consultant can be contacted to help you take things to a whole new level.

Your idea must be good

Without a doubt employee engagement can help take your start-up to a whole new level. However, networking is the first and main source of investors that you are definitely looking for. After showcasing the eLearning and gamification products among fellow experts and in all manner of business circles, you won’t need to go looking for the top notch investors; they’ll find you. As eLearning start-ups increase globally, grow and join forces with them.

Money is always an issue

As a start-up, money is usually an issue and you definitely do not want to run out of it just when you are rolling out. Learning as an industry is associated with lots of financial risks. This is why even with such a wonderful eLearning niche you need to spend your funds only on critical operations. Know where and how to spend and you can be sure of a prosperous future. Make the most of webinar hosting, conference sponsorships and affiliate marketing online to maximize on the limited resources you have.

Think about outsourcing

One of the mistakes many start-ups make is hiring way before they have registered a sustainable cash flow. If you are a freelancer who has created the start-up on your own, calculate every expense well and outsource the services; consider hiring freelancers from the other part of the world who come with diverse range of specialties and options. Do not forget to keep a great relationship with them to boost the growth of your start-up.

Negotiation is good business

Most startup owners fear negotiating the cost of their products and services. However, negotiation is good business in the modern economy and you might want to have a contract with some flexibility. Productivity, quality, cost and time must be maintained throughout. Do not forget, if you do not negotiate on a number of things you could end up losing some projects. Industries such as eLearning have changing needs and you must be flexible enough to make the most of the rising opportunities.

Above all, only hire if your eLearning start-up is making a profit.

Robert Cordray is a former business consultant and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of knowledge in multiple areas of the industry. Follow him at @RobertCordray.