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Here are the best tips to make your app stand out and make it a success.

By Jitendra Jain

Today, you can find a myriad of mobile apps out there. But owing to the presence of many apps it has become extremely tough to make your app stand out from the millions of apps on Google Play Store and App store.

Here are tips to make your app a success:


Well, the best attribute of great apps it that they solve problems for their users and address their pain points. An app is created for various reasons and among them one if that it solves problems that haunts their users. So when an innovative app comes up solving the issue, it not only stays with them but also makes the customer base grow to a large extent.

Content is the Key

Surely you must have heard this phrase quite often, didn’t you? And it certainly holds to you true as no matter how appealing is your app, if it lacks content, then the user is bound to lose interest at the initial level itself. Thus, it’s advised that you tag blogs and videos about the app with the right keywords and it’s majorly helpful in app promotion. After all, content is the way to tell your audience the uniqueness of the app and how serves their purpose. Thus, it’s always good to have a great content team backing your mobile app up.

Make it Unique

If your app doesn’t offer something unique it’ll fail to appeal to the users. So to make your app stand out, keep it unique. More than app designing, stress over how they perform as ultimately it’s the app functionality that will help you retain the users in a long run. Once you have created the app, simply have a look over it and then analyze what it’s missing, what’s unique it’s offering that the marketplace lacks at the moment. In simple words, be the trendsetter who everyone looks up to.

App Store Optimization

ASO directly enhances the visibility of your app in the app store. Go with the right keywords and add them to your app’s title as it will make your app rank higher on a specific keyword. Go for the right app development company adept at wonderful app store optimization strategies.

Market Trends

Firstly let’s be clear that by trends, we don’t mean that you have to blindly follow the fashion. There is more to it. Can you tell why trends exist exactly and what do we mean by trends in the arena of mobile app design? It’s quite simple. Design trends follow technological shifts thus trends are the way to ensure that your app is up-to-date in terms of the technology and has the advanced features. For instance, the evolution of larger screens sizes in smartphones and the rise of the phablet lead to various types of gesture-based design. So earlier you must have tapped, now you swipe. Find out new techniques and emerging trends. Pay attention to them and try them out as that’s the way to stay on top of industry.

Users love to try new things and in order to intrigue them, it’s always better to stay a step ahead from the market trends.

Feedback From Your Target Market

Always listen to the feedback your target audience and app users have to offer as that helps you in knowing exactly where your app is lacking and what efforts you need to make in order to fill the gap.

Often your users can offer a fresh perspective not considered by you app and they can be truly valuable for your app. Meanwhile, the best way of using feedback to make your app designs more unique and experimental is via A/B testing. For instance, you have a truly outrageous idea and think it may work for you. Then just create two separate digital prototypes, among them keep the one slightly conservative and by-the-book, while other must be your riskier idea. Now simple analyze the reaction of your users.

In case it fails, you’re going to know and you can always go back to the drawing board. While luckily, if it works, you will be glad to share that are working on something new, original and outright amazing.

Marketing Visibility

First thing first, an app must be prominent and visible so that it is able to create buzz in the market and grab all the attention. The app developers can ensure that their app is the talk of the town by being creative in devising ways that makes their app well-liked. As we discussed already, App Search Optimization (ASO) can be one of the ways.

It’s quite like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the only difference is that with ASO, the app name and few details associated with it, are going to be used as keywords in publicity articles to allure the attention of online users. Screenshots of the app are also used and thus it’s vital that an app has its own theme, color and tagline.

Competitor Analysis

App Developers must always keep an eye on the competitors’ performance in the market. Like, look for their strengths and weakness and find out where they lack, as their weaknesses are going to serve as a good guide for your app enhancement. Find a way to know the feedback of their customers and you can include them in your future apps. Someone said it right that close monitoring of the market competitive is an effective tool to determine which apps are the most prominent among customers.

User Behavior During App Downloading

It’s always a good idea to keep a note of the movements of app users as they download your app. You need to keep the fact in mind that not all app downloaders are keen on purchasing apps. In fact, the major number of highly downloaded apps in the market today can be downloaded for free. However, app developers can still charge a little for few of their premium apps while doing so you need to determine the price by the ability of the target market to buy.

App Navigation

Navigation serves as a roadmap to the various areas and information that a website contains. When there is clear navigation, visitors are going to stay and have a great experience and that results in more users and increased revenues. Navigation of the app is a crucial aspect, like if your app is unique and provides unique functionality but has bad navigation, then it’s going to have a bad impact on the users. While designing app navigation, you need to ensure that it’s user-friendly, self-intuitive and functional animations.

App Crashing

No matters how rich your app design and app functioning is, but if it crashes often it’s bound to make users lose interest. App Developers must ensure in every way possible that the app doesn’t crash and this can be done by testing time and again, till the purpose is served. As the app is being tested and you come across something that’s making the app crash, then report it to the developer right away. App crashing can be dangerous for the app as it leads to decreasing user base, less user engagement, etc.

Ultimately, what you need to keep in mind is to make your app stand out among the rest. There are millions of mobile apps to choose from and your app must have something extraordinary to offer in order to make a mark. Following the above-mentioned tips, app developers are certain to see improvements in their app performance in the market.

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire mobile app developer for your own app development project. Connect with him on Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin and go through his ideas on distinct topics.