The advent of technology has paved the way for a remote working environment. Thanks to a speedy internet connection and the emergence of VPN for all devices, distance and time can be bridged securely. Now, freelancers can find clients from anywhere in the world. If you are a freelancer, you have a broad range of opportunities to earn money. You have the freedom to control your own time and find passion projects that you enjoy. To succeed in this field, here are some essential tips that newbie freelancers must remember.

Separate Your Workspace from Your “Living Space”

A significant freelancing benefit is working in the comforts of home. You save a lot of time, money, and effort because you don’t have to commute and prep your office wardrobe. However, one of the main pitfalls of freelance work is getting distracted. The temptation to slack off is ever-present because of your bed, TV, and kids. To prevent this, you must have an official working space or home office. It can even be a corner table with a divider. This ensures you remain focused and motivated throughout the day. When you are in that zone, the people in your house understand they must not bother you.

Promoting Your Work and Doing Some Networking

As a freelancer, you are a “businessman” who needs to promote your services to secure your clients. Make sure that your resume is always updated with your current projects. On top of that, it would help if you have an official website and social media accounts which showcase your portfolio. Be fearless when it comes to marketing yourself. In freelancing, you have to let your work speak for you. This is the best measure of your talent and skills. Show your samples in your social media platforms. These are also vital tools in connecting with your industry partners and clients.

Learning How to Gain Clients

Consistently update and post in social media to engage with your audience. Your posts will update people about your projects, milestones, challenges, and general business life. For every like, comment, and share, you are expanding your client base. In a digital and tech-centric world that’s saturated by a lot of other freelancers, you need to learn to stand out, so you do not get crushed by your competition. Find your niche and voice to capture leads and create client conversion with your unique pitches.

Organizing Your Monthly Work 

When it comes to freelancing, you have to organize your calendar so you can manage your time wisely. Time equals money, so you need to balance out your work and social life well. By jotting down everything in a monthly calendar, you will be more efficient and effective. When you can anticipate what your workload will be like, you can boost your productivity and generate more profits.

Utilizing VPN

Using VPN for all devices is crucial for freelancers because it ensures the safety of all the data that are transmitting to clients. Some information is highly sensitive so having VPN, especially when you have to work outside, will ensure that your system is safe from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. Additionally, a VPN will come in handy for accessing geo-restricted sites so you can continue working.

Using a Contract in All Your Projects

Don’t make a mistake of not getting your deal into writing! As a business, provide a contract for all your projects so there will be no confusion regarding what you need to do. This will include your hourly rate, specific deliverables, kill fee for project cancellations, number of allowed revisions, and deadlines. This contract will serve as your protection to ensure that you get adequately paid for all the services that you rendered.

Offering Several Payment Modes

Clients these days don’t just pay by check anymore. Online money transfer is just more convenient. Sometimes, clients want to bypass direct bank deposits because of the steep fees of inter-banking. As a professional freelancer, you must provide various types of payment modes to make it convenient for your clients. Be sure to have several e-wallets like Paypal, Venmo, Google Wallet, Payoneer, or Stripe.

Asking for Ratings and Testimonials

It can’t just be all you who is gushing about your skills and showing your work. You have to ask your clients to do it for you because testimonials and referrals are more effective. Getting a recommendation from a client is a great way to expand your business. Don’t be shy to politely ask your clients to leave a testimonial for your page or Google reviews. Most people understand how crucial this is, so if they are happy with your services, they would be more than glad to help you.

Remember: Once you’re hired as a freelancer, you must deliver quality work right on time, or you risk ruining your reputation.

Lianna Arakelyan is a digital marketing expert with a knack for search engine optimization strategy and implementation. She is extreme in her work with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing and technology news of the world.

Freelancers stock photo by GaudiLab/Shutterstock