Landing pages are a vital cog of every online business. You cannot merely pump out a blog post each week in the hope that this article will capture new business for your company.

By David Bailey-Lauring

Landing pages, however, are one of the most reliable options when businesses seek to effectively collect email addresses and leads that are vital for their email marketing strategy.

Not only for emails and lead generation, but landing pages are also used for the majority of sales pages as well – often being a dependable source of sales purchases once visitors are directed there from either email or social media marketing campaigns.

Because these important pages are utilized towards the bottom end of the sales funnel, only a minor change in landing page design can have a considerable impact on the conversion rate and subsequent sales revenue over time.

What should be considered then, is that while landing pages have significantly higher conversion rates than web pages and blog posts – they too must be done correctly so that their conversion rate on a said landing page converts to its optimal potential.

For example, according to Hubspot, a typical landing page converts at roughly 5 to 15%; however, some highly optimized landing pages can convert at 30% or more!

There are three key reasons why marketers and website owners are resistant to utilizing landing pages in appropriate sales situations:

  • They take forever to create or are too difficult to develop
  • They have never been able to achieve the conversion rates they require in previous attempts
  • They merely do not know how to improve their landing pages regularly

All three of these concerns can be solved with any number of landing page tools such as the tools listed below.

The best landing page tools should get running up and fast, so you can build sounder landing pages quickly, whether they are for professional image editing, page testing, video creation, or design optimization. Several of the best available and affordable landing page tools for small businesses can also create successful marketing, advertising, and sales funnels.

Here are the top landing page tools:

  • Instapage is a landing page creator tool with dozens of templates all complete with built-in A/B testing. Pricing for Instapage begins at $99 per month for annual subscription plans.
  • Leadpages is another landing page tool creator with tons of templates that helps create professional-looking pages easily; with pricing beginning at $25 per month should users purchase an annual subscription, it is a more affordable choice than Instapage.
  • Canva is a drag-and-drop graphic design tool with templates for everything from flyers, banners to social media posts. Brilliantly Canva is free to use; however, the stock photo options are a little limited so users will typically need to buy the rights to use stock photos and graphics, or sign up for a monthly subscription, which works out cheaper if you buy their stock photos regularly.
  • Autoclipping helps users can create banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or create e-cards and much more. Plus, users can edit background images or remove background from an image so that your pictures look good on any backdrop.
  • Freshworks is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization tool with built-in split-testing features to optimize landing pages for which is performing better. Freshworks provides a free forever plan for those who have less than 10,000 website visitors per month.
  • Crazy Egg is a heatmap software tool used for discovering which areas of a landing page users engage with more frequently, so users understand which segments they should optimize better. Crazy Egg begins at $29 per month.


Landing pages are quintessential for all successful online businesses. They are arguably the ultimate way of capturing a lead’s information and advancing them further down a sales funnel.

However, if you are not creating landing pages because you feel it is too time-consuming or challenging, then you are not utilizing the full benefits they offer.

Those companies not creating high converting landing pages are leaving a ton of revenue on the table.

Once you master how to use them effectively, you will be able to generate high converting landing pages fast, leaving you more time to engage in attracting quality traffic to those landing pages per se.

David Bailey-Lauring is a single father of three boys and a small business entrepreneur who regularly writes about finance, tech, online business and digital marketing in the UK, USA, and Europe. @DavidB_L

Landing page stock photo by Eviart/Shutterstock